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6 Ways To Get Green Card

A foreign citizen aspiring to live permanently in the United States needs an immigrant visa. This is at times called getting a green card. Here are the seven most ideal ways of getting your green card in the United States. 1. Wed Your Way In To be able to get a green card along these

How to Start A Coaching Institute in India

Teaching is a noble profession and is a great way of contributing to society and enhancing the skills of the young students. In India, particularly, teachers have always been very highly regarded. However, the regular school and college classes have not been able to suffice the requirements of a student. Coaching Institute aren’t new to

How can entrepreneurs write Legal Acticles?

Prelude With the multiple responsibilities, while scaling their companies, it’s often difficult for Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders to stay informed of new regulations and complex legal requirements that may impact their business. Thus, it is sometimes a tad difficult for these decision-makers to write down a Legal Article. 4-Step Strategy to Write Legal Articles Step

How to come up with compelling arguments in the court?

“If there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers” – Charles Dickens This quote appropriately describes the skills that a good lawyer should have to get his client out of trouble even if he is guilty of performing a crime. Building compelling arguments and presenting it before the Hon’ble Judge is one of

How to become a Lawyer!

To become a lawyer in India one must hold a bachelor degree in Law i.e. LL.B.  [Legum Baccalaureus] duly recognized by Bar Council of India. There are 2 types of degree courses for Law (LL.B.) offered. One can either go for a 5-year course or a 3-year course. LL.B Courses Available in India Five Year Course The five-year

How to Market Yourself?

There is something significant to notice from successful people who have paved their way through to up-top. The main reason for their success is their ability to market. From Steve Jobs to Bill Gates, they know how to sell their products and how to market their stuff. So we all should learn how to market

How to start company law practice?

You never start it from scratch It is a rare sight to see any practicing professional who did not start their practice from what they already had ongoing – whether this was college, employment, training or another existing business. Many people think that they can complete their studies and training and then start up, it

How to file Copyright Infringement Suit?

An infringement of copyright is a Trespass on a private domain owned and maintained by the owner of the copyright and hence preserved by law and infringement of copyright would appear only when there is substantial production of the plaintiff’s work. Notwithstanding what has been said above, in honor of the infringement of copyright of

How to fight a false FIR filed against you ?

Introduction The First Information Report (FIR) is lodged in Criminal cases under Sec 154(1)(X) of Crpc before the police. The FIR can be lodged only in event of Cognizable Offences defined in Sec 2(c) of Crpc and not for Non-cognizable offenses. Schedule I of Crpc includes the list of Cognizable offenses for which FIR can

How to apply for free legal aid ?

Free Legal Aid And Its Significance In this country, maximum of the prisoners belong to the lower and uneducated class, so they suffer a silent loss of liberty caused by the unreasonable, arbitrary and unfair procedures behind the ‘iron bars’ and ‘stone walls’. Therefore, it becomes essential that these people are made aware of their

How to file an RTI Application?

As a diligent and conscientious citizen, if you would like to know about the information regarding the latest policies, changes made in the budget or any other information which is done in the public interest, we can do so, with RTI – Right to Information. This is controlled by an ACT, which enables any citizen,

How To Set Up A NGO In India

How To Set Up A NGO In India   Caring administration was one of the major standards supported by the father of our nation,Mahatma Gandhi. While we all may consider doing some type of voluntary work, and may really do so, establishing a NGO for this purpose is a real and a big step toward this

How To File Criminal Complaint In India

How to file Criminal Complaint in India: A Step-By-Step Process   India has a poor reputation with regards to reporting of criminal activities. Several violations, especially against women, go unreported. This is for an assortment of socio-political reasons, however, someplace among them is likewise a misconstruing of lawful rights. India, in truth, has all the

Name Change Procedure In India

Name Change Procedure in India WHY TO GET NAME CHANGED ? India being a place having antiquated connection with vaastu, numerology, and its common practice for women from many communities to change their first and last names after marriage, makes its citizens end up getting their names changed. Given how common this is, you would

Legal Documents To Check Before Buying Property

Legal Documents to Check before Buying Property Before starting with the essential documents to check before buying a property, we shall throw light on some keywords : Sale of Property: Sale is a transfer of ownership in exchange for a price paid or promised or part paid and part promised. The transfer by way of sale of


How to Lodge FIR (FIRST INFORMATION REPORT) What is FIR? A First Information Report (FIR) is a written document prepared by police organizations when they receive information about the commission of a cognizable offence. It is generally a complaint lodged with the police by the victim of a cognizable offense or by someone on his