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Advertise Courses, Products, Services: Reach-out to Law Students – the legal community in India

In case you have a course, a product, or a service for law students in India, the best way to advertise & market that is via Lawordo ( A trusted website among law students)

Our content (legal opportunities, draft formats, legal career advice, school notes and resources, legal news, and digital journal) exclusively caters to the legal fraternity thus making a frequently visited space.

Here are our statistics:

  • Unique visitors (yearly): 6,00,000+ [Six lakh plus]
  • Pageviews (yearly): 7,00,000+ [Seven lakh plus]
  • Email subscribers: 10,000+ (growing by 5-10 a day)
  • Social Media Reach: 50,000+ (per post through FB and Whatsapp groups)

Here are a few easy ways in which you can advertise on LawOrdo:

  • Banner ads: Top banner, side banner ads, pop-up ads.
  • Sponsored posts
  • Social media campaigns on Facebook & Whatsapp
  • Affiliate posts

Ad rates 2021 : 

  • Pop-up Ad – 600* 600-pixel display ad INR 20000/month
  • Website Top Banner/Header Ads – 780* 90-pixel display ad INR 15000/month
  • On Top of Article Ad [Header] – 780* 90-pixel display ad INR 10000/month (Hotspot)
  • Between Article Ad After 2-3 Paragraph – 780*90 / 300* 300-pixel display ad INR 10000/month (Hotspot)
  • At End of Article Ad [Footer] – 780* 90-pixel display ad INR 8000/month
  • Footer banner: Rs. 7,500/month
  • Inside single Post text link: Rs. 5,000 (Permanent link) (High traffic post)
  • Affiliate post: Rs. 4,000 (permanent post) (Our editors will write affiliate post for you)
  • Sponsored / Guest post: Rs. 3,000 (Permanent post)

Media Partner plans for institutions/law firms/ colleges

Includes all ad spaces (header banner/footer banner/ post banner ads/ sponsored posts/ affiliate posts) (Does not include pop-up banner)

90 days Full Access plan:  INR 45,000 for using all ad spaces and services  (header banner/ post banner ads/ event posts/ course introductory posts/ affiliate posts).

Recruitment Services

If you are looking for an intern/legal professional, we can help you recruit the right candidate. We publish your job post and help you reach the right people from legal fraternity.

We will be publishing your job and intern recruitment posts for free but you may sponsor the post to make it reach more audience, for which we charge Rs. 2,000. Sponsored post reaches to 1 lakh plus people from the legal fraternity in a week duration ( Website post + Facebook groups + WhatsApp groups + email subscribers )

Details on what to include in your Job post

  1. About the organization
  2. Job description
  3. Number of Vacancies
  4. Location
  5. Eligibility/Experience/Qualifications required
  6. Salary
  7. How to apply
  8. Contact info
  9. Official link

NOTE: Please ensure that the post is a minimum of 300 words long and the maximum acceptable length is 1500 words.

In case you are interested in advertising with us, please email us at [email protected] or call +91 9625063335.

Rest assured that the value you get from advertising through Lawordo will exceed or be as per your expectations.