What Makes a Good Workwear Shirt?

In certain lines of work, you always have to look good no matter what you do– maybe it is because you want to keep up with appearance or maybe it is because it is mandated by your company, whatever the case, you have to dress up so you wont get called in by HR for some workplace decency sanction (which sucks, because its just clothes, right?).

Well, anyway, you might have bought some of the lesser quality workwear shirts and have them break on you after a day or two using– that is exactly why you should invest in some good quality shirts that will last you long, heres how to look for them:

1.  Fabric Quality

Because the fabric is what your shirt is made of, you have to look for high quality fabric because that directly translates into the overall quality of the shirt. We highly recommend fabrics like cotton and linen, or even a mix of the two as some clothes do have that, because these tend to be the more higher quality fabrics.

Fabric quality also directly translate into the durability of the the garment so higher quality fabric means more durable and will last longer.

2.  Comfort and Fit

A good workwear shirt, apart from looking good, has to be comfortable because you will be moving around and working in those shirts so you have to make sure that they fit your body just right so you wont have to stop and constantly adjust it. The best types of workwear shirts are those that have flexibility in them and have good stitching.

You also have to consider the fit of the shirt because it makes you look better and more professional compared to just having a loose shirt hanging on your body or having one that is too tight.

3.  Durability

Probably the most important one that you have to consider is their durability– that is, their ability to last long with you even repeated washing and stretching because of the movement you have to do in your work.

Durable shirts are better for you because, essentially, they are an investment that will save you a lot of money because you can save up on costs that will go to repair if it is broken or replacement.


In the end, you have to find the best shirt that fits you so its mostly trial and error at this point, keep looking and you will find the best one for you!