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Causes of Delay in Justice : Top 10

We all know justice delayed is as good as justice denied, due to heaviness of pending cases, backbone of our judiciary system is broken in the courts of our country but it is not as easy to understand without clarification as to what actually meant by the delay in justice. The Indian justice system is

Contingent Contracts

According to Section 31 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872, a “contingent contract” is a contract to do or not to do something, if some event, collateral to such contract, does or does not happen. Thus the contract is dependent or conditional upon the happening or non – happening of a future event or contingency.

Role of Judiciary in Protecting Sustainable Development

The concept of Sustainable Development: The term sustainable development was used at the time of Cocoyoc Declaration on Environment and Development in the early 1970s. Since then it has become the trademark of international organizations dedicated to achieving environmentally beneficial development. Sustainable Development means an integration of developmental and environmental imperatives. To be sustainable, development

Cyber Law in India

Information technology deals with information system, data storage, access retrieval, analysis, decision making. Information Technology refers to” the creation, gathering, dissemination of information and also the processes that enable all this to be done”. Information Technology is affecting us as an individual and as a society. It stands firmly on hardware and software of a

Defamation and Defenses

Every man has a ‘right to reputation’. Defamation is injury to the reputation of a person. As stated in Dixon v Holden (1869) 7 Eq. 488, “A man’s reputation is his property, and if, possible, more valuable, than other property”. Winfield has defined defamation as “publication of statement which tends to lower a person in

5 Skills Companies Look in while hiring Lawyers

‘It’s well-known that competition to secure a job in the legal sector is intense.” Whether you are a newly minted lawyer ready to take the legal world by storm or a practicing attorney switching roles, to get that new job as an in-house lawyer you’ll need to have skills that set you apart from other

6 Essential skills for lawyers

“The more value you give to the world, the more your personal brand will become stronger.” 1. Writing Skills – Having the ability to write well lays a solid foundation for all the documents a lawyer must write such as arguments, contracts, and legal letters.Written communication is a primary way that information is distributed and

How to Start A Coaching Institute in India

Teaching is a noble profession and is a great way of contributing to society and enhancing the skills of the young students. In India, particularly, teachers have always been very highly regarded. However, the regular school and college classes have not been able to suffice the requirements of a student. Coaching Institute aren’t new to

10 Books Every Law Student must read

It is important to read the literature of law because while statutes and bare acts tell us what law is, literature tells us the soul of law. Literature interprets law and shed light on how law is experienced by the common man and what the popular perception of law is. As a law student, constantly

Evils of Beggary

Beggars beg for a living. They usually do not have a house to live in. While some of them reside in slum areas many are denied entry even at such places. They lead their lives living on the footpath. Of the various problems which our country faces today, the problem of begging is one of

Top 10 Lawyers in India

The advocate or lawyer is a person who is well versed with the knowledge of law and has the capacity to take hold of any case that he gets. These lawyers with their strong argument can save a criminal also. India has a great number of such influential and powerful lawyers. Ram Jethmalani The lawyer

Youth Unrest – Causes and Remedies

“Youth unrest may be defined as the manifestation of collective frustration of the youth in society.” ‘Unrest’ means ‘disturbed condition’. It is “the state of disillusionment and dissatisfaction”. Social unrest is the manifestation of collective disillusionment, discontentment and frustration of the group, community or society. If there is unrest among the students of one university,

Top 5 Trademark Conflicts

“We don’t use the trademark to market anything. It’s our identity.” Trademark is a word, phrase or symbol which represents a company or product. It allows the customer to recognize the product in a crowded market. The Trade Marks Act, 1999 has been enacted to amend and consolidate the law relating to trade marks, to