How can entrepreneurs write Legal Acticles?


With the multiple responsibilities, while scaling their companies, it’s often difficult for Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders to stay informed of new regulations and complex legal requirements that may impact their business.

Thus, it is sometimes a tad difficult for these decision-makers to write down a Legal Article.

4-Step Strategy to Write Legal Articles

Step 1: Pick Your Topic

This usually is the most complex part, especially for someone who is just starting on writing.

Legal space is broad and complex. You may not have a large understanding of many of the topics. You may not have enough experience or a unique perspective on most of the issues.

Please retain that innovation happens slowly. Your possibilities of coming up with a truly new, unique content idea are pretty low in most of the legal areas.

One way for you to begin is to take someone else’s idea and build on it. Give it a different angle and add some unique value.

For instance, check-out for Editorial Profile, where everyone is taught to wite Legal content. Practicality about content creation, blogging, Search engine optimization, and Search engine marketing are some of the things taught.

Step 2: Research Your Article

Once you own a topic at hand, now it’s time to research about it. Let’s say you want to write about ‘Patent’. Go to Google and type Patent in the search box. Don’t press enter or click search. A pop-up will open listing popular searches on Patent.

The keywords related to Patent that people are searching on Google will appear. So you may include these keywords as sub-topics in your article.

People also ask on Google

Now pay attention to a section titled “People also ask”:

  1. Types of patent

2. Patent law

3. Patent vs copyright

4. Patent rights

Related search on Google

Now scroll down Google search page and locate section titled “Searches related to patent”:

  1. Patent example

2. Patents search

3. Patent in India

4. Product patent

You may find a few more sub-topics and keywords which you have not covered in the above two steps. Add them as well to make your article more comprehensive on the topic of your choice.

Now here is the fun part. As your article would comprise of questions about Patent that people have been searching on Google, you would start getting organic, and free, traffic for your articles.

Step 3: Writing the Article

Once you have your analysis, it’s time to write your post. Please remember that most of your readers will read your article on either a mobile phone or a laptop. Here are some writing tips to remember to make your post more readable on a mobile or a laptop.

  1. Use short paragraphs containing 2-4 sentences
  2. Use short sentences involving of 12-20 words
  3. Avoid needless words and jargons
  4. Dodge passive tense
  5. Use bullet points
  6. Prefer conversational tone (use “You” and “I”).
  7. Make your writing visible by using highlights, bold text, CAPS or Italics.
  8. Beak a long title into a title with several sub-titles.

Step 4: Publish Your Article

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