6 Ways To Get Green Card

A foreign citizen aspiring to live permanently in the United States needs an immigrant visa. This is at times called getting a green card. Here are the seven most ideal ways of getting your green card in the United States.

1. Wed Your Way In

To be able to get a green card along these lines, a foriegn resident should be sponsored by a close relative who is no less than 21 years old and is either a U.S. citizen or U.S. legal permanent resident. Marriage is a typical way this is done, yet the marriage should be authentic and not just embraced for movement purposes—the aim is vital.

As a matter of fact, talking all the more by and large with regards to this method of moving, there are two sorts of family-based migrant visas:

Immediate Relatives – these visas depend on a nearby family relationship with a U.S. resident, like a mate, kid or parent. The quantity of workers in these classifications is not limited to each monetary year. Handling is done quickly—generally taking say around a year or so.

Family Preference – these visas are intended for specific, more far off, family associations with a U.S. resident and certain predefined associations with a legitimate permanent resident. The number of settlers in these categories is limited each monetary year. Processing takes longer, ordinarily for quite a long time—in some cases many years.

2. Invest Your Way In

The EB-5 direct investor program at present empowers financial backer outsiders to get green cards by putting just $ 500,000 in their organizations, if they make ten new jobs. This chance is transitory and is probably going to nearby the year’s end with the sum required liable to go up to $ 900,000 as it was previously. A local community variety of this program is as of now shut and anticipating returning by Congress.

3. Move Your Way In

Think honda sends its Tokyo supervisor to New York to deal with its New York Office. That is an exemplary illustration of an inter-corporate transfer that can bring about a green card. Your requesting of manager should be a U.S. boss and mean to utilize you in an administrative or leader limit. The candidate probably been working together in the U.S. for somewhere around 1 year, as a lawful element with a passing relationship to the element that utilized you abroad in an administrative or chief limit. No work accreditation is required so this is a profoundly positive way of getting a green card.

4. Study Your Way In

Get a student visa to learn at a U.S. school to get a bachelor or alternately graduate degree. That will qualifies you for a one-year post-graduate work grant called Optional Practical Training. Following the one year, get your supervisor to apply for an H1B work visa for you. Then, at that point, get the supervisor to apply for labor certification from the Department of Labor proving that there are no American specialists who are eager to get going to accept the position. Then, at that point, apply for a green card through the Department of Homeland Security U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. This is a long and winding street, brimming with misery, however it very well might be the main choice for some candidates, particularly the individuals who have abilities yet minimal expenditure to put and no family in the USA.

6 Ways To Get Green Card

5. Work Your Way In

Either apply for an H1B work visa and then get a green card through labor certification as portrayed in the understudy model, or apply for an EB-2 remarkable laborer green card dependent on a national interest waiver.

H-1B candidates who perform administrations in a claim to fame occupation, administrations of excellent legitimacy and capacity identifying with a Department of Defense helpful innovative work venture, or administrations as a design model of recognized legitimacy or capacity would then be able to acquire green cards on the off chance that their manager will apply for work certificate and, support them for a green card. All things considered, a H1B visa route is the most complicated way of getting a green card since it is so convoluted.

6. Win Your Way In

Apply for a green card under the annual Diversity Green Card Lottery where 55,000 applicants are picked to apply to go to the U.S. These are applicants from nations that are under-addressed as far as settlers coming to America—nations like Estonia, Fiji or Ukraine for instance.

On the off chance that an applicant doesn’t fit into any of these ways, some of the time a spouse might have the necessary certifications. Either way, the direct family members of the applicant further get green cards in the process. The information above are very common—any decision so taken should be moreover researched to bind down all the aspects associated.

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