Best Law Colleges in India (2020)

“Oh, you’re studying law? Maybe you can help me out someday if I get into trouble.” – be ready to hear this often.

Choosing a law college can be confusing. We’ve broken down several questions that we at lawordo commonly get from students and parents. Even before scrolling down the list understand if you should pursue law as a career – Should I Pursue Law? How to know?

While choosing my degree, I was young, naive, and full of false expectations. Here’s what I’ve learnt-10 things to know before opting law career

List of Best Law Colleges in India (2020)

1. NLSIU Bangalore

2. NALSAR Hyderabad

3. NUJS Kolkata/NLU Delhi

4. NLU Jodhpur / Law Faculty DU

5. GNLU Gandhinagar / NLIU Bhopal / NUALS Kochi / Jindal law school sonipat

 6. SLS Pune / NMIMS Mumbai /MNLU Mumbai/HNLU Raipur/GLC Mumbai

7. Amity Law School Noida/Christ law Bangalore/RMLNLU Lucknow/ILS Pune

Our advice

We won’t say that these rankings don’t matter at all. They do. But things can be turned around through what a student does in the first five years of graduation.

We strongly recommend you to understand the lifestyle of a law student before opting for the career. Do Read:

  1. Early years at Law School? – What to expect

  2. A Day in the Life of a Law Student


This list is a personal opinion about where law colleges stand today.
No list can satisfy every candidate but this list is better than most.

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