A Day in the Life of a Law Student

Hi, I’m Saransh Saxena. I’m a 4th Sem Law student from the eastern heart of India, Delhi. After spending my school years learning a tad about science in Bal Mandir and believing myself to be uncurly Isaac Newton, I soon realized that science was not the fish that I wanted to fry. On one gloomy day, when my parents asked me about my future plans, I ran towards my closet, closed my door and came out wearing a white shirt and black court. I looked at my dad and showed him a glimpse of my future plans. So here I am, having cleared the first three semesters successfully. On this fine day, I shall make you glance through to my translucent law life.


6:45 AM: Isn’t it morning yet? From last 2 years, this question of mine is answered by my alarm tone (who let the dogs out) and my sleepy mind responds by making me snooze it. After being reluctant, through my half-open eyes, I peep into the news on my phone (Primarily on In shorts and Facebook).

7:00 AM: Actual alarm starts to ring when mom enters the room to wake his half-awake son up. By this time, I being well acquainted with the news and updates, lethargically remove the blanket. This act of mine somewhere represents half of the population. After getting up from my bed and struggling to stand straight, I make a bullet coffee for myself. (Bullet coffee = a glass of boiling water + half spoon of coffee + 1 spoon lemon syrup.

7:15 AM: In my eyes, the indispensable attribute which a law student should inhibit is calmness, because calmness is the cradle to power. Hence, I soak in some Zen Music from Saavan, while quaffing bullet coffee.

7:30 AM: Time to go on a long run. (Pro tip – Always run on the ground and not on a Treadmill. (Lohe pe bhaagne se kucch nahi hota, sirf arthritis hota hai). Thus I go to a park approximately 2 mins away from my house. I run my heart out and lie flat on the ground to experience fast blowing wind gazing past my sweating face. The chirping of birds renders me with the best whistle. I feel short of words to describe the scenically serene place. I always try to fill my last gasp by inhaling the scent of the place to assimilate positivity.

8:30 AM: After returning from the park, I take bath and head straight towards the breakfast table. Where eggs, porridge, and newspaper wait for me. Breakfasts and generally High on Carbs and Protein.

9:00 AM: Having done with breakfast, I travel to college on my scooty wearing a helmet (future lawyers don’t break laws). At 9, I rush into the first lecture and gain an iota of knowledge.

11:00 AM: It’s the tea break. And for me, it’s time to meet up with my friends. Being with them I enter into a zone, where all giggle on lame jokes and talk about the TV series. Sometimes, we present our views on different topics with conviction and vehemence.

1:15 PM: Classes are over by 1.15 and students start to desert the law school. I too reach home by 1.30 and have lunch (which makes me sleepy). So we all know the drill right? Yeah… I sleep for an hour.

3:00 PM: After getting up from power nap, I open up books to revise the things taught in class. Probe into case laws, and try to find out the reason for the existence of anything and everything.

6:00 PM: Having done with studies, I get ready to go to the gym for pumping up my grey cells. Weight training and functional training is paramount to build strength. I feel everyone should take up either yoga or weight training to develop both mind and soul.

9:05 PM: It’s dinner time. Dinners are super light. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is semi-solid most of the time. I prefer to watch Suits, Sherlock, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine while having food.

10:30 PM: Now comes that part of the day, when I work on myself. Being an introvert, I speak for half an hour about myself in front of the mirror, contemplating both speech and gray areas. It is followed up by a diary entry.

12:00 AM: After working on myself, I Prepare to sleep by brushing my teeth, combing my hair and applying some scent.

Overall, my schedule during my second year is fairly consistent, but every day can vary a little. My weekends are a mix of relaxing and studying. I watch too much TV, drink excessive amounts of tea, and enjoy spending time with my friends.

I think the key to success in law college is to not change your routine. If you’ve always been a morning person, then continue being a morning person. If you do your best work after 1 PM, then do that. That being said, you’ve also got to be open to the possibility of change. If you’re a lifelong serial procrastinator, the law school will be harder for you than for someone else who is more organized.

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