Should I Pursue Law ? How to know ?

Studying law doesn’t mean that you have to spend rest of your life practicing as a lawyer.

Even if you don’t possess an LLB degree, it’s not a problem. Acquiring such a degree is not difficult in India. Tis quite easy actually.

The tougher part is what follows after the degree, when you try to practice law.

If you become a lawyer, you will have to study meticulously for long hours every day, almost for your entire life, and it will be part of your work.

That’s the kind of people who should take up Law. Truly hard working, diligent and conscientious people who never stop learning, with unlimited hunger for knowledge and skills. People who can perform tasks untiringly for days, weeks and months.”

Having said this, there are many lawyers who don’t research and study, but those are the lawyers who also cry about how there are not enough opportunities in the market, how they are not getting the jobs, not enough clients etc.

Presently, there are around 15 lakh lawyers in India, with around 50,000 adding to the profession every year. Unfortunately large number of them live in poverty. But they are certainly not those who are preparing to improve themselves.

Even if you do corporate law or criminal law or anything else, do remember that money or life of a person will depend on you. A lawyer may never get a second opportunity to correct his mistake.

That’s the life of a successful lawyer. Think of a brain surgeon. Can he make a mistake? Will you be ok with a surgeon who commits a blunder?

There are all kinds of lawyers. But it’s not worth doing law until you are OK to work that hard, pursue excellence and be ready to give it your all. If you take law I will advise you that be ready to do this.

One cannot undermine the effort, dedication and persistent quest of excellence that it takes to get to success, and then to hold on to that success in the legal profession.

You have to keep at it. Keep getting better. Keep learning.

Only and only those lawyers who work on improving their skills, gaining knowledge and reputation inch by inch successively over the years succeed big in the long run.

Training and development, consecutive practice and continuous motivated action in the right domain is the long-term but certain strategy for a successful legal career.
Rajat Sharma

Authored by- Rajat Sharma                                       

Studying law at IP University.


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