Why Canada is a great country to Immigrate?

Canada: Still a hotspot to immigrate?

Canada has always been one of the top hot spot countries that receive millions of migrants every year. People from different regions of the world immigrate to Canada to secure a better future and a better prospective life. Canada has all the reasons to be one of the top choices for the immigrants especially students. With so many countries now making programs easier for new investors and educators, Canada still remains one of the highest preferred countries for new people to start their life. With so many new immigration streams and easily accessible immigration lawyers and immigration consultants, migrating to Canada has never been easier than before. 

The immigration process is hassle-free 

The immigration procedures of many countries include a lot of rules and regulations. The rigid and time-taking immigration process is frustrating for every immigrant. The immigration plans of the Canadian government are friendly and straightforward for immigrants. Moreover, the country welcomes an impressive number of migrants every year. You won’t have to wait for a long if you are trying to immigrate to Canada. With the announcement of the Canadian government planning to intake one million applications over the course of three years, new applicants have a better chance of successfully filing their applications.

The country is excellent from economic aspects 

Canada’s GDP is the 10th largest in the world, and the country’s economy is growing very fast.  The unemployment rate in Canada is very low, and most Canadian citizens have stable jobs. Being a Canadian resident lands you lot of benefits from welfares and government. One of the main reasons why many people choose to settle in Canada is due to the economic normality and stability this country gives to every family.

Your children can have best-in-class education 

The education infrastructure of Canada is getting advanced day by day. Canada is leaving many of the first world countries behind in educational aspects. The world-class k-12 education infrastructure of Canada has gained appreciations from the top education experts of the world. Some renowned universities in Canada, including McGill University, The University of Toronto, are the best immigrant students’ choices. Thousands of students from different parts of the world immigrate to Canada to pursue higher education from these universities. Many Canadian also has global exchange programs to engage students on a broader level. Some of the business schools and law schools are recognized as world class standard which pushes the students to excel beter in their respective fields. 

Supreme healthcare facilities 

The standard healthcare amenities of Canada are the reasons of pride for the Canadians. The medical infrastructures of Canada are incredibly developed, and those are continuing to be better. Upgradation of hospitals and the implementation of advanced medical equipment have increased the quality of healthcare in Canada. 

Federal Economic Class

The largest number of immigrants gets accepted in Canada under the economic class category. Canada has set an annual goal of 200,000 immigrants for the next three years under this category. 

The largest group that gets accepted under the economic class is the Federal High Skilled class. Talk to an experienced Immigration Lawyer Toronto to understand the different categories of the federal economic class program. 

What Is The Express Entry Process? 

The express entry process needs the applicants to submit a profile. The government gives points to different profiles, and the one that gets the highest score secures an invitation to apply for one of the immigration programs of the country. 

The successful candidates get 60 days for submitting the full application. The factors like age, work experience, education, and language ability impact the points that a profile can gather. 

The best way to enhance the comprehensive ranking system points is to produce a job offer from one of the companies of Canada. It will offer 200 points to 50 points depending on the skill sets of the applicant. The province of Canada also operates the Express Entry Stream which allows them to get the top skilled laborers from the pool. The provincial nomination offers 600 points, and it guarantees an invitation for application. 

If you meet all the requirements, the express entry is perhaps one of the fastest ways to get Canadian immigration. The target processing time of the express entry system is six months once the application is fully accepted. 

So, these are some of the immigration processes that can make you a permanent resident of Canada. Make sure to get in touch with an experienced Immigration Lawyer from Ronen Kurzfeld’s immigration office to understand the confounding process of Canadian immigration easily. Hiring a lawyer will help you wade through the process quickly and without much hassle.

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