Top 10 ways to achieve any set goal by beating the pitfall.

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.
Thomas A. Edison

Heart. Intelligence. Courage.

They’re all worthy traits, but they pale in contrast to what each of us needs most in the quest to total life success: Personal accountability.

Mentioned below are the 10 ways to achieve set goals:

1) Redefine accountability

Does the little mention of the word accountability make you shake? The negative view of accountability is strengthened in the common dictionary definition: “Subject to having to report, explain or justify; being answerable, responsible.”

Staying faithful to yourself and your goals should not be drudgery. You must see your accountability as a gift to yourself, a deliberate mindset to ensure success, not something you’re force-feeding yourself even though you hate it.

2) Think as if your life depended on it

When you displace to a determined, creative mindset, you begin to discover solutions for challenges that you may have assumed were out of your control.

The goal you require to achieve or the problem you want to solve probably is not a life-or-death scenario, but many creative answers come when you put everything on the line. While your life may not be at risk, your satisfaction and success are.

3) When you can’t control your circumstances, don’t let your circumstances control you

On March 22, 2012, the state army of Mali roared the presidential palace, overthrowing the western African country’s 20-year-old democracy. In the confusion, Islamic militants took control of 2/3rd of the country and crushed the upcoming democratic elections.
                    Mali: Coup d’Etat

It was a terrible moment when the coup happened, says Yeah Samake, mayor of the small town of Ouélessébougou, located about 40 miles from the chaos. “I came into my living room and completely collapsed on the couch. My wife came and kicked me. I couldn’t believe it. I told her, ‘I am looking for sympathy here. Why are you kicking me?’ She only said, ‘Get out there and go do something.’

Whether you get off the bed on your own or require a little nudge from someplace else, the point is to get out there and do something.

4) You’ve got to want it more than you don’t want it

Everything will demand a certain price from you—energy, effort, patience, resources. It’s common to want the good things in life without paying the price: You want to lose weight but don’t want to run or sacrifice your favorite foods. You want a promotion but don’t want to put in the extra minutes. Success happens when you hit a tipping point and begin to desire your goal more than you dread the cost of reaching it.

5) Don’t let gravity pull you down

Just as large planets produce gravity—drawing everything toward them—it seems that tough problems and challenging obstacles have enough mass to pull you away from getting what you want. This energy gets bigger and stronger as the challenges get larger and tougher.

6) Every breakthrough requires a bold stroke

Actor Jim Carrey began up so poor that his family lived in a van after his father lost his job; at one point the Carrey’s slept in a tent on a relative’s lawn. But Carrey supposed in his own future and in the things that he wanted to accomplish in his life.
                                                                              Jim Carrey

One night early in Carrey’s striving comic career, he drove his beat-up Toyota to the Hollywood Hills and, while overlooking Los Angeles, pulled out his checkbook and wrote himself a cheque for $10 million. He wrote in the notation line “For acting services rendered” and stuck it in his wallet. At that moment, Carrey plastered his personal resolve. Over the next 5 years, Carrey’s promise to himself led to worldwide fame. At the peak of his career, his per-film paycheck reached $20 million.

When you find your own internal power, you see that you have the right, the ability, even the obligation, to perform your own best reality.

7) Ask for feedback

Soliciting advice and critique from others create accountability.

For this to work, you will require to convince the mentor, friend, colleague or significant other whom you’re appealing to that you want to know what he really thinks. The evaluator requires to know that he won’t suffer any blowback if he is totally honest. Feedback is key to succeeding blind spots and achieving better results.

8) Ask yourself, Am I a renter or an owner?

 We care more for the properties we own than for the things we rent because we don’t have as much invested in things that are short; there’s not as much at stake.

When you own something—whether it’s a car, a work assignment or a relationship—you perform an investment, usually involving some degree of sacrifice. When you rent, you can wander away without losing anything. If you’re really engaged to achieving your goal, go all in.

9) Prepare to move a lot of dirt

 Finding solutions is just like digging for gold. Have you seen the Discovery Channel reality show, Gold Rush? It reflects the lives of modern-day miners as they compete against time, one another and nature in hopes of striking it rich. First, the miners need to remove a top layer of 6 to 12 feet of dirt and rocks before the real mining even starts. Under this seemingly worthless and painful 6 to 12 feet, they hit pay dirt. The more pay dirt the miners’ process, the more gold they potentially find. In the end, they must move many tons of dirt to find just 1 ounce of gold. It’s hard work, but it yields rich rewards.

Their bottom-line secret to success: Keep digging.

10) Make it happen!

You have the option to fulfill your aspirations or immerse in the blame game and victim cycle.

True success doesn’t come from the boundary but from within. There is no magician. Taking greater personal responsibility is the key to succeeding in everything you do.

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