TOP 10 Best Websites for Law Students

TOP 10 Useful Websites for Law Students

1. :

For law students in India: internships, things to do, career advice, blogs, it is a very very resourceful site for law students.

2. :

A platform wherein Researchers, Lawyers, Judges, and students can get their articles and write-ups published. It is a very resourceful website for daily legal News Highlights, Government Jobs and Career Advice.

3. :

Lets you know about the top law firms. Provides the worldwide coverage on Law firms, Lawyers, Attorneys, Advocates. This site will help you with your internship or practice.

4. :

Live Law provides legal news and Events, covering Latest Legal News, Supreme Court News, News on Law, Law School News, Legal Events, Columns on Law, Legal etc. A site more focused on court reporting.


5. LegallyIndia :

Legally India web reports, news, and info related to Indian law firms, the law industry. Legally India’s comments will help the law students to grab knowledge.


6. Bar and Bench :

Bar & Bench is a good source for legal news. This site helps the students in reading the latest news, columns, and interviews on the law firms, law schools, senior counsels etc.

 7. PathLegal :

PathLegal is a website for legal consulting and LPO training. Students can grab the LPO knowledge along with their law curriculum here.


 8. :

This site publishes interviews with leading lawyers and young lawyers in almost every area of law.

9. IndianKanoon :

The site will give information about all the laws in India. This is a type of Virtual Legal Assistant for law students and helps to manage your research in the law field.



10. Law Funda :

Law funda website welcomes you to be a part of a information database. Anything you need to know, relating to the field of law can be seen in Law Funda.


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