4 Steps to Boost Your Video Editing Career

The video and cinematography industry has been growing rapidly and is expected to keep evolving. Now that common consumers have access to television, social media, and OTT platforms, the demand in the video industry has only grown. Many prefer to consume even educational content through videos. This opens up many opportunities for jobs in the video-making and cinematography industry.

According to experts, the video industry is only in its infancy. This simply means that one should join and develop their career in this sector as soon as possible. As the industry expands, the competition will become tougher. One of the most in-demand jobs in the industry is video editing. The art of editing videos is a complex one, and it can boost or depreciate the overall quality of the video. The success of a video heavily depends on its editing.

To cope with the high speed of the video industry, one must develop their video editing career in the same manner. You may believe that you are already doing everything within your capabilities to improve your career; however, we have a few more tips that will boost your video editing career.

Social media experience

Almost everyone is on social media today. Whether on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, they are connected to the social media world one way or another.

Most video editors get a chance to start their careers on social media by making informal videos. They create videos and post them on social media such as Instagram or YouTube to gauge viewer engagement. However, even after building an extensive portfolio of work on social media, when it comes to applying to formal job offers, many people overlook their social media uploads.

Social media exposure is vital since it can bring many formal opportunities for the video editor. This is extremely critical for one to hone their skills. Not only that, it can bring much exposure and attention to one’s work. So, every video editor should upload their best work on social media.


As a video editor, it is vital to remember that social media experience is a great addition to your resume. Social media platforms are one of the highest in video content online and have one of the highest consumption of video content as well. Every time you open a social media app, you are sure to find video content in one way or another on it.

Considering the value high-quality videos can bring, no video editor can overlook the social media video editing experience. More often than not, your potential employer might be hiring people to edit videos for their social media platforms. Having high social media experience will most certainly boost your resume. Inviting potential employers and clients to gauge your capabilities through your social media account might be the best choice available.

Go the extra mile

Everyone knows hard work always pays off. The same principle applies to video editing careers as well. To excel in your career, go beyond your basic duties to show where you can add value. If you are at an entry-level job in video editing, then you are most likely not to get the type of video editing work you want. Devoting more time and effort to your work will be especially beneficial.

Going the extra mile will give the impression that you are serious and dedicated to your job. You can also ask for access to the tools used to edit videos. Taking your time to tinker and explore the video editing tools will teach you about every nook and cranny of the software. This will allow you to exponentially increase your mastery of the tool. If you are consistent with this technique, you increase your chances of getting noticed by the people you work with. Opportunities will come knocking at your door with a sudden boost in skills.

When you put in more time, you could even ask for extra work when you get the chance. You can make time for projects or tasks that help you level up by completing your assigned tasks before their due date. If there’s no extra work to take up, you can use the extra time to do a better job of your assigned tasks. Gradually, your manager or employer will rely on you with a higher quantity and quality of the assignments. This is extremely important for promotions and raises. If they know they can count on you, they are more likely to value you and your work.


The tasks and assignments your employer assigns to you are extremely important, and you should not lose focus on them. However, these tasks might not be particularly exciting or engaging for you. This can severely impede the quality of the work. It may even discourage you from exploring the different editing styles you could implement in the video. This is why it is important to take on projects that interest you.

Many video editors prefer to edit a specific genre of videos, such as travel videos, pop music videos, educational videos, or lifestyle videos. Editing the type of videos you prefer will allow you to and inspire you to unleash your creativity which is key to editing videos the best you can. Editors tend to make videos more visually appealing then.

If your employer fails to provide you with the particular projects that interest you, we suggest you take on side projects. It can either be paid for by an external employer or a project you create for yourself. The best part of these side projects is that you can use them on your resume as well. It showcases your enthusiasm and passion for video editing, pushing you ahead of the competition!

Find the best tools

Video editing is not something you achieve using simply by yourself. You will need a device and video editing tool compatible with the device to edit the videos. If you have a low-quality application, the video editing experience will be extremely poor, and the final product will not be portfolio worthwhile.

If you are afraid of having a weak device that cannot support heavy software, we suggest going for tools available online. These tools have many features that can help increase your skills and develop your career. This is perfect for anyone who is only beginning their career.


Since video editing is thought to be an extremely exhausting task and career choice, many people are apprehensive about exploring this career choice. However, this opens up space for you to develop your skills. It will keep you ahead of the competition and let you gain many privileges of being one of the few people in the job that has such high demand.