Someone blackmails you with your private pictures? HOW TO TACKLE?

If the picture is received by the recipient?

A lot of use such photos or videos to either blackmail or take revenge by making them public.

People may save these pictures somewhere out of your reach and wait for the right time to use them against you.

They can also forward those photos to their close friend, and then the close friend can further forward those pictures to their close friends. As of now, your pictures or video clips are being leaked to friends of friends. Another possibility is that the person who accidentally comes in possession of such photos begin to blackmail you, and it’s extremely common.

The possible outcomes of those shared images:

  1. They might get leaked worldwide.
  2. They might get used in pornographic videos.
  3. They may destroy one’s reputation and social life. 

What to do when someone Blackmails you?

  • Neutralize the threat:

    Neutralize the threats that the person is making. Say, if they are threatening to tell your parents about something you did, you could go to your parents first and be direct and honest about what happened.


  • Turn to Your Support System:

    A support system shall prove to be useful for you stay firm and feel supported during a difficult time. A friend, parents or a counsellor would possibly be able to calm you down. YBut you are ought to share with them the problem which you are facing.


  • You can call the police on their number ‘100’ and let them know what is happening:

    They shall take your name and address and instantly send police from the local police station to meet you. You can then tell each and very detail to them. The police will then note your statement and catch hold of the person behind this. They shall probably take away their phones and computers, lock them up and interrogate them till the police find out where the rest of the clips are so that nothing can be leaked.


  • Get a Lawyer:

    It is recommended that you take help of a competent lawyer in such a case.

Legal Provisions available


  • SECTION 66E OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ACT, 2000 – VIOLATION OF PRIVACY – This law punishes the capturing or publishing the image of a private area of any person without consent. Example: ‘C’ is trying out a new dress in the changing room of a clothing store. ‘D’, an employee of the store has hidden a camera that records C while she is changing her clothes. ‘D’ will be liable under this section for imprisonment which may extend to 3 years.
  • SECTION 67 OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ACT, 2000 – TRANSMITTING OBSCENE ELECTRONIC MATERIAL – Under this Section, anyone who uses electronic means to publish any picture, video or audio or anything which is capable of defaming a person morally will be considered as a crime and the person doing such an act will be penalised with imprisonment which may extend to 5 years and with fine also.
  • Section 292 in IPC (Indian Penal Code) – Sale, etc., of obscene books. Whoever, sale, distribute or does anything to spread pornographic books is charged under this section. The penalizing is two years, and fine which may extend to two thousand rupees.
  • Section 501 in The Indian Penal Code – Printing matter is known to be defamatory. Whoever prints or engraves any matter, knowing or having good reason to believe that such matter is defamatory of any person, might be punished with simple imprisonment for a term which might extend to 2 years, or with fine, or with both.

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