Reservation In Government Jobs For Transgenders: Uttarakhand HC Directs

Reservation In Government Jobs For Transgenders: Uttarakhand HC Directs

The Uttarakhand High Court on Friday, 29  September 2018 issued directions for the welfare of transgender persons in the state.

The bench comprising Chief Justice Rajiv Sharma and justice Manoj Kumar Tiwari directed the state to formulate the scheme within six months to provide reservation admission in educational institutions and for public appointments to transgender. The petitions were filled by two transgenders, Rano and Rajni Rawat Kinnar asking for Protection of their lives and liberty.

Reservation – Transgenders

While referring to National Legal Services Authority vs. Union of India, (2014) 5 SCC 438, wherein the court had directed the Central and State Governments to recognize transgender as the third gender, and also to provide them with the benefits of socially and economically backward class, the High Court directed protection of them, it also took judicial notice of the difficulties faced by transgenders.

The Court issued the following directions;:-

  1. Necessary protection to the petitoners
  2. Reservation in admission and public appointments
  3. Formulation of social welfare schemes and programmes
  4. Public Awareness
  5. Housing schemes
  6. Scholarship upto post graduate level
  7. Constitution off the welfare board
  8. Free medical access
  9. Free access to public institutions etc
  10. Separate Public toilets
  11. Policy to ensure non-separation of transgenders from family
  12. Registration of criminal cases against those who separate them from their families
  13. Registration of all transgenders in the state.
  14. No discrimination
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