NSS Seeks Review Of Sabarimala Temple Judgement

Nair Service Society (NSS) has filed a review petition against the recent judgement of the Supreme Court in Indian Young Lawyers Association case ( Sabarimala case) which permitted entry of women of all age groups in Sabarimala temple, contending that the judgement suffers from “errors apparent on face of record”.

The petition contend, if the general ground of equality under Article 14 is resorted to and and the essential religious practices are tested on the principle of rationality, many essential religious practices may be rendered void as irrational or unjust.

The petition also maintain that court ought not to have entertained the PIL questioning the practices of Sabarimala temple , when women workers were not opposed to such practices.

The review petition is settled by Advocate K Parasaran and filed by Advocate K V Mohan.

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