NLU Jodhpur’s Deal Mediation Competition 2019

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Cell (ADR Cell) established under the auspices of National Law University, Jodhpur, India is pleased to announce “The First NLUJ Deal Mediation Competition, 2019” from March 8 – 10, 2019, in association with Centre For Mediation And Conciliation (an initiative of the Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry), supported by Nishith Desai Associates, Indian Arbitration Forum and The Negotiation Academy, and knowledge and research partners, SCC Online and Eastern Book Company.

Deal mediation is a form that will help students understand interest-based negotiation in a new and unique way. Deal Mediation is most aptly described as “mediation without a dispute”. The role of a mediator in Deal Mediation is not just to promote conversation and encourage interest-based negotiation, but to be more pro-active and employ the process of mediation to maximize value for the Negotiators and those whom they represent.

The Negotiators will have the opportunity to test their negotiation skills in a non-conflict environment to secure their interests and at the same time negotiate the finer particulars of the deal to prevent future conflict and preserve relationships.


In order to encourage maximum learning, registrations will be invited from Law universities/colleges/institutes around the country for a maximum of two teams consisting of three students each who will be required to fulfill the role of Client, Counsel, and Mediator in one preliminary round each. After three preliminary rounds, the 4 teams with the highest cumulative team scores in each category will pass to the semi-finals as either a negotiation team or a mediation team or both.


Awards will be given to Winners and Runners-up in the Mediator and Negotiation category and, Best team, Best Mediator and Second Best Mediator, Best Client-Counsel pair and Second Best Client-Counsel pair in the preliminary rounds.

Prizes include internships with Nishith Desai Associates and Centre for Mediation and Conciliation, cash awards up to INR 40,000, trophies and books.


Participation in this tournament is through invitation only, but any Law universities/colleges/institutes may apply for an invite by sending an e-mail to [email protected] expressing their desire to participate. Participation shall be limited to 32 teams and allotment of a second slot to interested universities shall be based on the first round of registration.

Registration Fee

The registration fee per participant is set at INR 3000 which is inclusive of accommodation, food and a pre-competition training session pertaining to Deal Mediation.

Important Dates

Deadline for registration: February 8, 2019

Last date for payment of fee: February 8, 2019

The release of Mediation Problems: To be announced


Official correspondence: [email protected]

ADR Cell e-mail: [email protected]

Tournament co-ordinators:

  • Ms. Varsha Manoj: +917073047788
  • Ms. Prakrati Shah: +919610169968
  • Mr. Kushagra Agarwal: +917568842587
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