NLIU India Foundation Constitutional Law Symposium

NLIU Law Review in collaboration with India Foundation is managing the “NLIU – INDIA FOUNDATION CONSTITUTIONAL LAW SYMPOSIUM” from 16th – 17th March 2019.

The purpose of the Symposium is to furnish a platform for a discussion on Contemporary Constitutional Law Issues in India. The symposium is open for participation to students, researchers, faculty members, academicians, lawyers and legal experts in the field of Constitutional Law.

India Foundation is an independent research center focussed on the issues, challenges, and opportunities of the Indian polity. The Foundation believes in understanding contemporary India and its global context through a civilizational lens of a society on the forward motion and NLIU Law Review is the flagship law journal of the National Law Institute University, Bhopal. It is a bi-annual, student-edited law journal with an aim to promote a culture of scholarly research and academic writing among students by publishing articles on subjects of interest to the legal profession and academia.

Eligibility Criteria

Students currently pursuing an LL.B.(Hons.)/LL.B. /LL.M. from a recognized university and faculty members of law are eligible to send in entries.


The manuscripts will be subject to the review by the editorial board of the NLIU Law Review. Manuscripts selected by the Technical and Content Review Board of the NLIU Law Review will be sent for an external Peer review. The short-listing of top ten* manuscripts will be done on the basis of evaluation of the Editorial Board and the Peers of the NLIU Law Review.

On confirmation of participation in the symposium, shortlisted manuscripts will be published as a special issue of Volume VIII of the NLIU Law Review. No publication fee will be charged and travel fare for shortlisted participants will be reimbursed.

Last Date of Submission 5th Feb 2019
Declaration of Results for Paper Presentation 25th Feb 2019
Last Date for confirmation of participation for top ten* shortlisted 28th Feb 2019
Dates for Paper Presentation 16th-17th Mar 2019

* Ten is a tentative figure. The final decision on the number of shortlisted manuscripts will be taken by the organizers.


The paper submissions and displays by the author(s) must surely agree to originality within the broad theme of “Contemporary Constitutional Law Issues in India”. A suggestive list of topics has been provided below in order to aid the participants; however, participants are free to include any issues within the main theme.

  1. The validity of Article 35-A and Article 370 of the Constitution;
  2. Restrictions on the freedom to manage religious affairs:
  3. Comment on “Essential religious practices” in light of the Sabarimala Temple judgment or/and Triple Talak judgment;
  4. Right to the management of temples;
  5. Analysis of the Ayodhya issue;
  6. Freedom of expression and media trial;
  7. Free Speech versus the law on Sedition
  8. Indian Judiciary: Scope for improvement:
  9. Need for increase in age for retirement and pension of Judges;
  10. Post-retirement jobs – necessity or mere appeasement?
  11. Judicial accountability and mechanisms for its enforcement
  12. Any other constitutional law topic with contemporary relevance in India.

Submission Guidelines

Articles: Manuscripts under this category should be within 4000-6000 words long. Co-authorship of papers (maximum two) among individuals from the same or different institutions is allowed. The manuscripts under this category must be of a highly analytical nature where the author(s) arrive at a definite conclusion pertaining to the topic.

Abstract: Each manuscript must contain an abstract of not more than 300 words. This is inclusive of the abovementioned word limit of 4000-6000 words.

Citations: Citations must conform to standards laid down in the Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (20th 2015). Submissions must use only footnotes as a form of citation. Substantive footnoting is not permitted for manuscripts for any of the articles.

*Kindly note that the word limit is exclusive of footnotes. Strict adherence to the word limit is highly advised.


The following format must be strictly adhered to for all the submissions;

Title: Times New Roman, size-15, Bold, 2.0 line spacing, centre-aligned; Abstract: Times New Roman, size-11, Italicized, 1.5 line spacing, justified, Margins of 2.0; Main Body: Times New Roman, size-12, 1.15 line spacing, justified; Heading: Times New Roman, size-14, Bold, 1.5 line spacing, centre-aligned; Sub-headings: Times New Roman, size-13, Italicized, 1.15 line spacing, centre-aligned; Footnotes: Times New Roman, size-10, 1.0 line spacing, justified; Margins: one inch (2.54 cm) on all four sides.


The winner(s) of the symposium will be awarded prize money of Rs. 20,000/- The second best participant (s) will receive prize money of Rs. 15,000/- The third best participant(s) will receive prize money of Rs. 10,000/-.

Submission Deadline

The original manuscripts must be sent to [email protected] by 31st January 2019, 23:59 hours. The email must contain the manuscript in .doc/docx format. The email must also contain a cover letter containing the name(s) of the authors, the institution, the course and the year of study along with a declaration about the originality of the manuscript. A sample declaration form can be downloaded from the official website.

All submissions are to be made to [email protected] before 23:59 hours, February 5, 2019.

Contact Us

For further details, please drop a mail at [email protected] or contact Avani Mishra (Editor-in-Chief) at +91-9425010150/ Divyam Sharma (Managerial Board Head) at +91 9407474939.

The official call for papers can be accessed at this page.

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