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Memo Pundits is a pioneer Mooting School which offers solutions to passionate mooters for national and international moots at affordable prices.

Course Overview

After 6 years of training more than 3,500 law students for moot court competitions, Memo Pundits introduced an Online Certificate Course on Memorial Making aimed at teaching fundamentals and practicalities of Research, Formatting and Drafting of Memorials for Moot Courts. In addition, this course also comprehensively teaches 20th ed. Bluebook and OSCOLA citation styles.

This interactive course is leagues apart from any other traditional online course offered to law students. With the help of engaging content such as pre-recorded videos, practice quizzes, infographics, surveys the course promises to make the learning experience enjoyable and effective.

This course will help law students not only in moot court competitions but also in honing their drafting and research skills – giving them an edge in academics, co-curricular activities and internships.

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Course Structure and Duration

The content of the Online Certificate Course on Memorial Making has been divided into 9 carefully designed modules. 

Enrolled students will have a duration of 2 months to complete these 9 modules.

What is the Method of Teaching?

The course contains pre-recorded videos, quizzes, reading, downloadable PDFs, and Word Documents. All content is already uploaded. There is no hassle of fixed schedule live classes. Upon enrolment, the student can access the contents of the course at any time and for any number of hours. All the course content will be accessible by the student till 2 months from the date of enrolment.

What is the Duration of the Course?

The 9 modules of the course will take roughly 2 hours each for an average student. All the course modules and the final assessment test can be completed easily within 2-3 weeks, however, the maximum duration for completion is 2 months from the date of enrolment.

[NOTE: Due to the uncertainty regarding the opening of colleges due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we will be extending the duration of the course for students who are not able to complete the course within 2 months.]

How can I Access the Course?

In addition to accessibility through Windows and Macintosh laptops, the course has been designed to be accessible through Android and iOS (Apple) mobile phones and tablets.

Course Fee

The Online Certificate Course on Memorial Making is available at a special 40% Lockdown Discount for a limited time.

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We’re result-oriented

In the past 6 years, Memo Pundits has helped more than 300 law students win awards at coveted national and international moot court competitions such as:


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