Let The World Know Your Achievements

LawOrdo gives you an opportunity to build an online presence as a professional/Student. You have any Achievement let us know, we will share it with the world.

Opportunity to give yourself a pat on the back now and then! You deserve it

LawOrdo is great place to track your accomplishments and achievements, to keep your profile up to date with any new positions, awards, and so on. It gives others an idea of what you’re up to in “real time” if you use it consistently.

PROFILE FEE- INR 200  (Add an online resume to stand apart INR 500)


Fee Submission-

  • The amount can be paid on the link provided in the mail after receiving the request of profile and updation.
  • After making the payment, please provide us the transaction ID, date of payment, screenshot of the web page confirming payment and your passport size photograph.


Queries may be directed to [email protected]  with ‘Query’ in the subject line of the email.

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