Internship Opportunity @ Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights

About Delhi Commission, for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR)              It is the statutory body created by an act of Parliament under Commission For Protection of Child Rights Act, 2005 to act as monitoring body for the effective implementation of child rights in the state.

Internship Classification

Work related to the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences. (POCSO)

  1. Office Intern (Vacancy for 3 interns)
  2. Field Intern (Vacancy for 20 interns)

Work Location:  Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights Office, Kashmere Gate

Duration of the Internship

Minimum 1 Month. Ideally, we expect interns to work with us for 45 Days

Roles & Responsibilities

Office Interns
  1. Examine the complaints that the Commission receives from time to time-related to rights of the children particularly POCSO and assist the Commission in tracking cases of sexual violence.
  2. Collecting and Compiling a status report on compensation and support person in child abuse cases from CWC.
  3. Providing support to the victim or the family and identify the policy/process breakdowns.
  4. Work with appropriate government officials to bridge the identified gap through capacity building and streamlining of processes.
  5. Assist the Commission in any other work related to child rights that may arise on a needs basis.
Field Interns 
  1. Observe the functioning of Child Welfare Committees and Child Care Institutions.
  2. Prepare a report about their working status and suggestions.
  3. Submit the report to the commission at the end of the internship.
Need for this?

Child Sex Abuse is considered the most heinous crime which can be done to a child as it exposes a child to grave trauma. It leads to grave physical and psychological effects on the body and an everlasting scar on the child’s mind at a very nascent age.

Hundreds of complaints related to sexual offenses on children go unreported. In order to effectively address the crimes of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children, it is essential that those grievances are addressed swiftly ensuring the fullest well-being of the child as well fix the systemic gaps that led to the development of grievance in the first place.

Knowledge and Technical Skills
  1. Someone with outstanding formal writing
  2. Students pursuing LL.B. course in a recognized university shall be given preference.
  3. Applicants must have a knowledge of POCSO, JJ Act, and other penal laws.
  4. Aware about locations in Delhi (If Field Intern)
Values and Competencies
  1. Strong work ethics
  2. Effective Communication – written and verbal
  3. Confident and able to work with people in a position in a different government setting i.e SP, Director etc. (If Field Intern)
How to apply

Kindly read FAQs before applying. Apply by sending your C.V with a cover letter to [email protected] or [email protected] 


For further information regarding the internship, contact: Ujjwal Dubey (Researcher@DCPCR) – 9916923620.

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