How to Help Someone Voice about Church Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse and inappropriate advances are common in most public places. However, one would never accept such a thing to happen in a place where prayers are made, and there is only good intention in all attendees. A church is a place that provides people peace and brings tranquility to their lives. But if this place turns into a holding for sexual abuse by the members of the clergy themselves, it can be challenging to find peace in it and in life as well.

Sexual assault can be implemented by clergy members and in different ways and can happen to adults as well as children. These people try to turn the situation around after conducting inappropriate and injuring acts by blaming the victim through psychological manipulation. This is why most victims don’t voice their harmful experiences or do anything to hold the wrongdoers accountable. Hence, if you learn about someone going through such an experience, make sure to help them put with the following tips:

Help them Be Open

Any kind of abuse is harmful and creates a scar for life on the person experiencing it. The nature of sexual abuse is that it happens in secrecy, and the surviving victim doesn’t get to raise a voice due to feelings of shame, disgust, or fear. For this reason, if you fear any of your loved ones have gone through such an experience, help them be vocal about it. It’s essential that they learn to let out the uncomfortable experiences to start feeling confident again and get over the ordeal as soon as possible without adhering to any permanent psychological damages. 

Get Legal and Psychological Help

The next step after the victim opens up to you about their experience and agrees on getting help, offer them professional therapy. This psychological help is a must for any abuse victim in order to deal with the aftereffects of the clergy abuse headfirst and overcome the fearful feelings. If this kind of help isn’t provided or they don’t get to come to terms with their abusive experience, they might never be able to function normally in life and have a positive mindset. 

Take Action against the Church

While the victim may ask to do otherwise, it’s best to go after predators in this case of sexual abuse by clergy members of a church. It’s not only appropriate to get the abuser of your loved one behind bars for them to feel protected and exempt from harmful memories but so that such incidents don’t happen to other people unaware of them. For this reason, reporting the abuse and getting a proficient sexual abuse attorney should be carried out. Make sure to sue the church and the clergy member and inform as many people about the acts as possible to save the churchgoers or seek justice for other victims as well. 

Learn the Indicators

This incident can be a life lesson for you and the churchgoers to identify and end sexual assaults in the future. Such inappropriate acts can find you anywhere if they can in church, and it’s essential for everyone to know the indications and signs of sexual abuse. These signs can help you stay and keep your loved ones safe. You will also know the kind of help to get and move to safety ASAP. 

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