how to be a good lawyer !

“A lawyer with a briefcase can steal more than a thousand men with guns.” – Mario Puzo

1. Relationship building begins at home

Constructing a good network is not about knowing more and more people, but all about creating remarkable relationships by contributing to the people who come in contact with you. There are probably hundreds of people you already know who can use your expertise, benefit from your advice, suggest your name or refer someone to you, but unfortunately they don’t even know what precisely you do or they don’t make the mental connection to realize that they should approach you for something in the first place.

Nevertheless, the most crucial people from your life who can help you out the best are the people you went to law school with. They can potentially refer you clients, interns, juniors, secretaries who can improve your life, software that make your work easier, invite you to speak at conferences they are organizing and what not. Nonetheless, your friends shall do these things for you only if you take the first step probably, which usually means calling them up, staying in touch, talking to them about what they care about, and being an active part of their journey.

2. Events – organize, talk, attend

One considerable way to speedily built a fabulous network is to arrange events. You can arrange these events, weekly, monthly or annual, under your own umbrella, or help someone else in organizing. Everything works. You get to know the co-organizers.

3. Good Conversations 

The primary principle of networking is that if you like people, they will like you. In events where you don’t like them but you are just faking it, you are manipulating and it is unlikely to turn out well.

4. Write to people, message them, be in touch

Networking is hard work. It needs you to regularly stay in touch with people. This implies that you should often get in touch with people by writing to them or simply call them. It may not be possible to call everyone, but quite easy to leave a message or drop an email.

5. Increase the average that you are

Jim Rohn, a motivational speaker, once spoke that we are the average of the 5 people we most interact with. If you are into being a better version of yourself, you have to increase the average. So, If you want to be a karate blackbelt, hang along with people who already have a blackbelt. In the event that you want to become rich hang out with people who are already rich. If you want to become an amazing arguing counsel make sure you get to spend some time learning from great arguing counsels.

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