FIR Quashing Compromise Deed Format

There are time and circumstances when after filing an FIR, better sense prevail between the parties and they intend to finish the matter to ensure that no one will have to come to courts and face trail. In that situation it is advisable to enter into a compromise agreement and get the matter quashed from the High Court on the basis of the compromise deed/ agreement. Since only the High Courts have been entrusted with the power to quash an FIR U/S 482 Cr.P.C (as Inherent Powers of the High Court), the parties have to file a joint quashing petition praying that the matter has been amicably settled and therefore the present FIR be quashed. Once the High Court is satisfied that the matter has been amicably settled and justice requires, the High Court can quash the FIR u/s 482 Cr.P.C read with Article 226/227 of the constitution of India irrespective of whether the chargesheet has been filed or not.

This FIR Quashing Compromise Deed is executed on this day ( Put the date ) at ( Put the place) between the following parties:

(Name and address of the complainant) (Hereinafter referred to as the First Party)


(Name and address of the Accused ) ( Hereinafter referred to as the Second Party)

Whereas the FIR No. _____________, PS.________________ , U/s __________________________ was registered against the Party No.2 on the information of the Party No.1. The said FIR is still under investigation and charge sheet has not yet been filed in the court/ the charge sheet has been filed in the court at ( Name of the court with date of hearing if any fixed).

And whereas as efforts and attempts were made by the friends and elders as well as the respectable people of the society thereby clarifying all the bonafide mistakes, misunderstandings between the parties. The First Party has thus agreed to withdraw the complaint made against the Second Party and the parties shall make statements before the court or police authorities in this respect as and when required. All the disputes between the parties stands finally resolved and there is no ill will or complaint against each other in any manner. The parties have thus decided to file petition for quashing of FIR on the basis of compromise deed on the following terms and conditions.

( Produce the terms of the FIR Quashing Compromise Deed serial wise here)

And whereas this FIR Quashing Compromise Deed has been executed between the parties with their mutual consent and free will without any pressure, force, coercion, or undue influence from any side. The parties have decided to end all their disputes fully and to live peacefully.

Any complaint by the parties against each other shall stand withdrawn, canceled, and revoked finally after signing of this mutual compromise deed.

The present FIR Quashing Compromise Deed is irrevocable and violation of any of the terms of this compromise deed shall be deemed to be a violation of the compromise deed.
In witnesses whereof, both the parties have signed the present Compromise/Settlement Deed in the presence of the following witnesses:


First Party

Second Party

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