Can you receive compensation for a bicycle accident?

Injuries from bicycle accidents can be rather severe. Hiring a knowledgeable bicycle accident attorney to defend you is essential if you have been in a bike accident. Though numerous lawyers in your region may advertise that they handle bicycle accidents, not all of them are competent. Finding the ideal attorney for you is worth the time and effort.

Finding the Best Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Any lawyer can claim to deal with bicycle accidents. However, not every attorney has the same breadth of knowledge regarding this specific accident type. The ideal lawyer will assess your case, be forthright and honest, walk you through the procedure, and get the best outcome. Here are some things to consider while searching for representation.

Look for referrals and recommendations

Local references are the most effective method of finding a lawyer. Ask that lawyer for a recommendation to a bike accident lawyer if you have previously worked with them on a divorce, will, house purchase, or other matter. This kind of recommendation is often quite trustworthy. For a reference service that can put you in touch with lawyers experienced in bicycle accidents, check with your neighbourhood bar organisation.

Look for a Bicycle Accident Attorney with Experience

You don’t want to serve as a teaching moment for your attorney. Instead, you should choose a lawyer who has experience with several bicycle accident cases. Make sure they have specialised knowledge of bicycle accidents, not simply those involving cars, motorcycles, or pedestrians.

Check the Success Rates

Inquire about the success percentage of potential attorneys’ cases. What financial compensation have they won for clients in settlements and awards? How many cases did they resolve or win in the previous 12 months? You’ll be able to gauge their knowledge and expertise from this.

Find a contract with a contingency

A bicycle accident attorney should never demand payment. Accident lawyers with a good reputation only accept cases on a contingency basis. Normally, they get one third of the reward if they prevail or the matter is settled (but can vary by attorney). You can be required to pay filing costs or they might be taken out of the overall verdict. Make sure your attorney and you have a signed retainer agreement at all times.

Why You Need a Lawyer for Bicycle Accidents

Accidents involving bicycles can result in serious injuries. You can experience mental discomfort, be unable to work, require expensive medical treatment, or all three. You require a lawyer who can represent you in court, deal with the driver’s insurance provider, and make sure you receive the settlement you are due.

Negating on Your Own Is Not a Good Idea

Most likely, you’ll hear from the driver’s insurance provider. You are allowed to come to your own arrangement with them. But keep in mind that they are experts and insurance firms are businesses with a financial motive. Their best course of action is to refute or compromise on as many accusations as they can.

Recognize the expectations for communication

Find out how often you may expect updates on your case. Find out how soon calls or emails are returned by the office. Ask whether your lawyer will be reachable by text or phone. Find out who their secretary or paralegal is so you can always get in touch with someone, even if your lawyer is in court.

Find Out How Long Your Case Will Take After Your Bike Accident

Learn how long they anticipate the case to take. Ask them whether they think the insurance company will settle and what possible measures there could be. Find out whether they believe your case will be resolved soon or whether it will take some time.