Earn while you are learning law

Being financially Independent

The idea is to be independent financially and removing the burden of fees from the shoulder of family members.

Tasting the practical side of law

Think you are working for XYZ law firm while still studying and drafting legal notices every day. Or say, filing Right to Information Application for someone. Or say, you are just getting an undertrial out of jail. This is a victory. Clubbing your theoretical knowledge with practical experience. It’s the same way as we add spices to uncooked food.

Getting up to date with the law

Getting in touch with the recent laws is a by-product of working while still being inside the law school.

Earn while you are learning

Teaches you discipline and integrity

“without integrity, nothing persists”

You may be asked to work even on Sundays. Let’s analyse another aspect of being a part of the bench. I can assure that Civil Judges (Entry Level) are not totally free on Sundays. Tons of cases are pending. I leave the rest for you to decide.


Assisting a lawyer near your college

Interning with an advocate in the city. Try to take out three to four hours post-college. Things will be not be easy for the first few months. Managing the two could be hard. Chances are that you might not even be getting a single rupee for the first couple of months.

Writing blogs

There are multiple platforms which accept paid write-ups. All it takes is effective writing.  One cannot pen down anything under the sun on law and expect people to pay for random pieces of stuff. It needs skill and a content thought process in writing. One needs to frame the skeleton structure and write about things which could be found nowhere on the internet. It is called the USP (Unique Selling Point) of the article.

Selling Notes

Preparing and selling notes, is one helpful way by which one can get a nominal amount of money. Try to find different online platforms which can potentially be able to buy the notes and also look for offline students who are in dire need to get these notes.

A Legal Counsel with a books can steal more than a thousand men with guns”

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