Does my existing health insurance over coronavirus?

This tragic and devastating pandemic crisis has shattered worldwide health standards. Coronavirus, or Covid-19, is wreaking havoc on not only the economy but also people’s health. The medical costs associated with Coronavirus therapy put a strain on the patient’s and his or her family’s finances. Medical bills can add unneeded stress during this economic crisis caused by the pandemic. What if, though, your current health insurance covers all of your Coronavirus treatment costs? After reading this, you may have felt a wave of relaxation flow through your body. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Is Coronavirus treatment covered under your current health insurance plan?

So, to address this vital question, the answer is YES. If you still don’t have health insurance, you should get it today. The government has issued unambiguous instructions to all insurance companies, stating that they must include Covid-19 (even though it is a new condition) in their health insurance coverage and pay full benefits to policyholders.

It expressly states that if you have health insurance and test positive, the insurance will cover all of your hospital expenses (of course with the pre-defined terms and conditions).

Some are :

1. You’ll be able to claim it only if you’re in the hospital, and only with a doctor’s written recommendation.

2. A minimum of 24 hours of hospitalization is required.

3. Your expenses will not be covered by the home quarantine.

4. If you are admitted to a non-recognized quarantine center, you will not be eligible for benefits.

5. No compensation will be paid for Covid-19 treatment if you are currently using your existing health insurance plan to fund the treatment of other pre-existing conditions.

6. The waiting period is critical; you will be unable to file any claims during this time.

So, if you’re Covid positive and admitted to the hospital with valid health insurance, you won’t have to worry about paying for anything. Depending on the policy characteristics, these  insurance can cover all of your fees, including bed charges, ICU charges, pharmaceutical bills, tests or scans, and ambulance rates.

The procedure for filing claims for various health insurances.

Go Cashless: The majority of insurance policies offer cashless claims to their policyholders. The policyholder is not responsible for paying for Covid’s hospitalization; his or her insurer does so. If the policyholder receives treatment while hospitalized in a non-network hospital, the cashless claim will be invalid.

At the time of discharge, the policyholder must pay for all of his expenses and then apply for reimbursement by presenting all of the relevant paperwork to the insurer. Obtain pre-approval from the insurance company for the hospitalization and claim.