Conference on Cyber Crimes @ Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia

About the conference

Cyber Crimes in India is one of the most demanding issues in modern times. It has posed several questions to our traditional legal jurisprudence. The issue has also gained attention nationally and worldwide with the emergence of newer technology. It has impetus and relevance in contemporary times because of the several initiatives incepted by the government like ‘Make in India’, ‘Digital India’ where the companies across the world are invited to make their investment in India.

Trans-border data flow and data Security are the terms mostly talked about the world over. Leading nations such as USA, UK and European Union including some other nations adopted strong legislation in their respective domains to ensure that their citizen’s rights are well reserved. In fact, India also has its draft Personal Data Protection Bill in India for stringent enforcement of data breach violations. The Bill requires thorough discussion by all the stakeholders before taking a shape of law.

Cyber warfare is equally a proficient weapon waiting to strike at the right opportunity if the cyber architecture is not well defended. It is the fifth and new domain of warfare after land, sea, air and space. Some countries, along with terrorist outfits, have already demonstrated these facets of cybercrimes, displaying their cyber prowess. In the interest of our citizen and to the Nation we must act against the forces of law to build the atmosphere of Rule of Law.

Over a period of time, leading nations understand the consequences of a cyber-attacks ranging from a virus that corrupts sensitive financial records or incapacitates the booming stock market, to a false message that causes a nuclear reactor to shut off or a dam to open, or a blackout of the air traffic control system that may result in air crash, which may all create a severe and widespread economic or physical damage.

Indian law on Information Technology by some changes appears to have made some headway in the direction but substantive gaps exists in definitions, conceptual comprehension and consistency of Rules read with the Act.

Many may not know the exact implications and usages of cyber law to internet crimes targeting individuals. The present seminar aims to create awareness about the cyber laws, issues and challenges of cyber crimes towards the society among the students, academicians, professionals and others.

Keeping in view the above, the deliberations need to be held so that deep insight into the problems, perspective, issues and challenges about the topics need to be discussed and analysed. This seminar is intended to provide a platform to academicians, lawyers, corporate personalities and scholars all over the country and abroad to share their research work.

Objective of the Seminar

The objective of the seminar is to ease out, discuss, and make deliberations on the following areas.

  • Citizen friendly Safe and Secure internet
  • Legal Challenges in Cyber laws.
  • Relationship between internet rights and internet security
  • Freedom, Security and Growth in Cyberspace
  • Digital Democracy and Digital Diplomacy
Who is it for/eligibility

An Indian as well as foreigner Academician, Corporate, Bureaucrat, policymakers, journalist, representatives of Government Organizations, civil society/NGOs, Research Scholars and Students are eligible for the Seminar.


Participants are invited to come together and share their valuable thoughts on the issues relating to following majors themes:

1. Emerging Trends in Cyber World

2. Role of UN for preserving Peace and Security in Cyber Space.

3. Crime against Women in Cyberworld

4. Crime against Children in Cyberworld

5. Crime against Government in Cyberworld

6. Privacy, Defamation & Data Protection in Cyberspace

7. Fake ID’S in Online Social Networks (OSNs),

8. Cyber Forensics & Electronic Evidence and Investigations

9. Online-Consumers in Cyberspace

10. Banking Financial Fraud, Scams in Cyberworld

11. Net Neutrality & Regulation of Internet

12. Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing & New Challenges

13. Internet of Things, Block Chains – Emerging Challenges

14. Cyber Extremism & Radicalization

Note: -The above themes are indicative and the author can send the article on any topic related to the broad theme of the Seminar.

5. Location (country/state/city)

Maulana Mohammed Ali Jauhar Marg, Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi-25, INDIA

Registration Procedure

Registration fee can be made either through Demand Draft or cash on the spot. The Demand Draft is to be made in favour of the following:

The Registrar, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi-25

Registration Fee 

Indian Delegates: 1000 (INR)

Research Scholars/Students: 500 (INR)

Foreign Delegates: 2000 (INR)

Important Dates
  • Submission of Abstracts by: 25th January, 2019
  • Notification of selected Abstracts: 28th January, 2019
  • Submission of full papers by: 26th February, 2019
  • Notification of selected papers: 01st March, 2019
  • Last date for Registration via E-Mail: 04th March 2019
  • National Seminar Date: 09th March 2019

Convenors of the Seminar

Dr. Ghulam Yazdani, Associate professor: 9891989168

Dr. Qazi Mohammed Usman, Associate Professor: 9911273183, [email protected]

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