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Should I Pursue Law ? How to know ?

Studying law doesn’t mean that you have to spend rest of your life practicing as a lawyer. Even if you don’t possess an LLB degree, it’s not a problem. Acquiring such a degree is not difficult in India. Tis quite easy actually. The tougher part is what follows after the degree, when you try to

How to write a legal essay

How to write a legal essay – Advice from Rahul Goswami, a law lecturer at Manchester law centre. Like any skill, essay writing requires practice. 1. How do law essays differ from other subjects? All papers are tied in with imparting a message to a specific kind of gathering of people, so we are searching for

Law School Interview Guide

Law School Interview Guide For understudies welcomed to go to a graduate school talk with, it tends to be an overwhelming prospect. Particularly as learning of the subject is for the most part not a prerequisite for students. So what should hopefuls anticipate? Sneha Rathi, the confirmations organizer at August University’s personnel of law, has


CAREER IN LAW, CLAT, Best LAW COLLEGES, Future in LAW Explained Law or legal profession is one of the most coveted vocations in India today given the power and respect attached and also the security of career it gives right after 10+2, just like medicine and engineering. The image of a lawyer has undergone one