Career in Sales?

It is crucial to grasp that your job is not to take order. In the times of online payment gateways, smart landing pages and forms, if you disguisedly be an order taker instead of being a sales person, your job will disappear, and you will never grow much in your career.

So if you are interested to become the sort of sales person who does not do sales but just takes orders from customers who came willing to buy something, then please rethink. It is not a good path to walk down after some time. Focus your talent, energy and efforts to learn sales and then selling.

Here is an article written by a successful sales person about the distinction of order taking and selling:

Selling is the process of finding a buyer who has a need for our product or services and convincing him or her to make the decision of giving us their money in exchange for our product or service.

What is wrong with marketing doing the selling function?

To me, marketing is similar to ploughing the land, fertilizing it, and irrigating it so that seeding can be done. Seeding is selling, and harvesting is order taking.

All about Sales

  1. Sales is not smooth talking, you need to be a specialist

As a businessperson, you get the chance to be a specialist about what you are selling and the whole world of the potential client. It’s difficult to accept, yet on the off chance that you are selling accounting software, you must be a specialist in accounting programming from the principal day itself. You additionally need to know a great deal about who purchases these virtual products, who utilizes them, what issues they confront, who settles on the choice, who impacts the leader, what keeps them conscious around evening time. You are most likely not going to know when you are beginning, however. You need to realize these things to be a best of your class businessperson.

In the event that you are a student, on the off chance that you have a ravenous hunger for information, deals might be the correct profession for you. So overlook the dream that deals is for dolt smooth talkers who can talk their way into the handbag of clients. We don’t need such individuals anyplace close to our business groups. Furthermore, that isn’t a result of some ethical rule, but since such individuals never prevail in deals in the long haul yet demolishes the notoriety of the items that they move.

  1. Sales is not about persuading your customers in order to get their money

In sales, you get your greatest fulfillment toward the day’s end from the way that you get the opportunity to encourage individuals. The best salespersons are inspired by helping the clients to make progress, and clients can feel it. In the event that this isn’t the situation you will think that its extremely hard to make due in deals. Once more, from the outside in, many clients think sales representatives simply need their cash. A portion of your collaborators will feel that all you need is to move the greatest number of courses as you can regardless of who is before you. In any case, the most straightforward approach to botch an offer is by endeavoring to move. Try not to advise the individual to purchase. Try not to disclose to them they will profit in the event that they purchase. Simply control them, offer an incentive to them, encourage them – and the distance tenderly poke them to understand that the item is beneficial for them, and influence them to ask the amount they can profit by the item. They should arrive at the resolution that they require the item, and you requesting that they purchase won’t help.

  1. Sales is not difficult

Sales is an easy and painless process. However, sales people often get derailed by missing out steps while executing sales process. You need to follow through. You cannot say or do things that break trust. You must have a great time while you are selling. If you are having a bad time selling, then so is your customer. And then it is very difficult for you to succeed in sales.

  1. It is more important to listen

Salespeople think that they make the sales happen by talking. In reality, experienced sales people know, sales is all about listening. It is not just listening to the words, but everything – the tonality, the emotions, the inflections – you can learn to listen so intently that you can feel what the other person is feeling. That is very critical. If you can’t listen, if you cannot get inside the world of the person who you are trying to sell to, then you are just stumbling around like a blind person. The finest sales person knows how to get the information from the other side so they can learn, understand, construct in their mind the entire picture and then finally consult and present what they are selling as the solution.

  1. You don’t have to sell to every person

For this you must find out more about person. Find what they really need. Do not sell your products to a person who doesn’t need it. If the sale happens, the person will be unhappy and maybe he will talk about it to others. This will ruin your good will and the products reputation. You will not remain trustable. This is why qualifying your potential customers by asking them a few question is critical. It does not only help you to know who you should focus on, but it also gives you critical ideas on what should be your pitch to this particular person.

How much can a good salesman earn in India?  

You may listen that India does not have high paying sales jobs. But that is far from reality. Every industry needs more sales.

Pay scale of an experienced sales person can be very high. This is because they are often paid a percentage of what they earn for business.

Also remember that sales is a global skill. If you are a good sales person in India, you shall be as good as well in the USA, UK, Dubai or Singapore, as long as you can speak the vernacular. The best of the best Indian salespersons frequently just migrate to economies that pay more and offer better lifestyle. It quite difficult for a lawyer, journalist, architect or doctor to do so, but good salespeople are treated distinctively. Their demand in the market is a thing of envy for those who are in the know.

Non-monetary reasons to embrace sales as a career

1. Continuous Personal growth

If you are into sales and you do well over a period of time, I can guarantee you non-stop personal growth. There are so many different types of people you will encounter, so many barriers, so many challenges – that it is not possible to do well in sales without focusing on growing yourself as a person. Whatever limitations you may have – lack of patience, anger issues, self-esteem issues, lack of persistence, lack of social intelligence, lack of focus, attention deficit, lack of charisma, problem with public speaking, fear of clowns, problem with authority figures – whatever it may be, you will have to work on each and every limitation and sort them out to continue to grow as a sales person.

Sales is not a sales job. It is a leadership job. You make people realize what is possible. You make people inspired to take a step towards what they want to achieve. You make them believe in their own dreams. You make them dream again where they are desperate.

2. There is seldom a boring day

Work in sales never gets exhausting in light of the fact that individuals are extraordinary and they will dependably toss new difficulties at you. Henceforth, you should remain sharp and think and react quickly. You can’t remember a few lines and state to everybody a similar thing and consider yourself a salesman. That would be a disfavor to sales. Sales expect one to ace the specialty of influence. Furthermore, the specialty of managing astonishingly with a steady stream of shocks. Each individual you pitch to or neglect to pitch to will give you novel encounters to gain from.

3. You become an exceptional communicator

Sustaining a sales job means you push your demarcations every day and become really good having amazing conversations. This helps you to inculcate leadership and charisma. If you want to develop your conversation skills, sales is the finest job.

4. Develop initiative

A huge complain of the people of Generation Z is that when they join a job they find that they are a cog in the wheel, that their work is not meaningful or satisfying. This always happens because in most jobs there is not much scope to take initiatives. Taking initiatives outside one’s boundaries can be looked at negatively at some places too. However, that’s not the case with sales. Everything anyone cares about is getting the numbers. If you take initiative and make dollars roll in, you are the boss. How to take initiatives all the time is an amazing skill that every salesperson must learn.

5. Quick reward and fast growth

If you want to grow quickly and live well in life quickly, sales is probably the finest job. If you fail to perform well, it is difficult to hide if you are doing a sales job. Similarly, it is difficult to deny you rewards if you excel as a salesperson. Salary and stature of good sales people rise very fast as compared to those in other employment.

6.Unlimited job opportunities

Sales is the most crucial function is every company. People do not stop from hiring more salespeople. Every business needs salesperson. There is no corporation where sales people are not needed. You can find sales jobs at every level of salary, responsibility, designation and there is no shortage of opportunities for people who know how to sell things. Especially if they can show that they have a proven track record of good sales behind them.

Sales is also a relatively high turnover field, so new positions are constantly opening up. Try not to see the turnover as a bad thing. Look at it as an opportunity. If you’re good in sales, there will always be a job for you.

7. Resilience

The key to success is failing again and again but trying again as if you never failed. Successful people are like machines that learn from every failure but do not get bogged down. From Thomas Alva Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Beatles, Gandhi or Michael Jordan – they failed again and again but rose higher right after that because they never gave up. If you want to procure this mindset, sales is amazing training ground. You become rejection proof because you learn how to go through 9 no’s unaffected to get that one yes, but giving your best to all of those 10 calls nonetheless.

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