Best Crypto Exchanges in India

Picking a crypto exchange will play a significant part in your experience with buying and selling digital currency. Notwithstanding the crypto laws in India, Bitcoin is legal to trade and hold in India. Investors have several choices when it gets to picking a brokerage for trading cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and others.

All these exchanges have their pros, but some exchanges surpass the race to give investors a better experience. Whether you are watching for the best Bitcoin exchange in India, or are involved in buying other cryptocurrencies, this article will benefit you choose from the best crypto exchange alternatives open to Indian crypto investors, by comparing the top advantages of each.

Best Crypto Exchanges in India

Best Bitcoin and Crypto Exchanges In India

Binance India 

Binance is one of the most famous crypto trades worldwide and offers a decent choice for Indian crypto-financial backers. With Binance exchange, clients can exchange more than 350 altcoins, including the local Binance Coin (BNB). Clients can likewise bring in cash in different ways, including marking and acquiring revenue on their crypto possessions. Binance India additionally offers clients a method for exchanging shared, taking part in edge exchanging and executing progressed exchanging strategies like fates contracts. 

Binance clients in India can: 

  • Securely exchange and store crypto with serious expenses; 
  • Acquire revenue on crypto with Binance India bank accounts; 
  • Partake in cutting edge choices like exchanging sets, fates, and exchanging on edge; 
  • Go through crypto effectively with accessible Binance Visas; 
  • Take out credits in crypto; 
  • Approach a safe stage and wallets on one of the biggest and most confided in trades. 

WazirX India 

WazirX is a Binance-claimed Indian crypto trade with central command in Mumbai and is one of the country’s biggest crypto trades. WazirX has a local cryptographic money utility token – WazirX coin (WRX). Like Binance, they offer a P2P exchanging motor that consequently coordinates with clients to exchange among one another. Their trade gives a natural interface across the work areas and cell phones, and they guarantee to have a quick information exchange and confirmation process. 

WazirX professes to be India’s “most believed Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency trade.” WazirX can be viewed as protected as it intends to be India’s most safe trade, by putting resources into customary security reviews. Clients are additionally needed to go through a know-your-client (KYC) cycle, and records are gotten utilizing two-factor validation (2FA) and a once-secret phrase (OTP). WazirX likewise stores 95% of clients reserves disconnected in cool stockpiling. 

WazirX clients in India can: 

  • Contribute securely with an Indian-based trade; 
  • Make P2P exchanges; 
  • Make quick exchanges from anyplace; 
  • Exchange and stake the WazirX biological system utility token – WazirX coin (WRX); 
  • Appreciate Indian client assistance with INR stores, account arrangement and that’s only the tip of the iceberg; 
  • Buy from more than 140 coins, including the local WRX token. 

Coinbase India 

Coinbase is a global trade stage that is situated in the U.S. The stage has been adulated for its instinctive interface and charming client experience. Coinbase is the second-biggest stage on the planet by exchanging volume (following Binance). It has been adding moves up to highlights like client assistance to stay aware of expanded interest around the world. The stage has never had a significant security break, which makes it a decent choice for financial backers who would rather not stress over the assets they have put away on trade wallets. 

Indian financial backers can open a Coinbase or Coinbase Pro record to exploit progressed exchanging choices. Nonetheless, Coinbase India has many less altcoin contributions than Binance, with just a little more than 50 coins to browse. 

Coinbase clients in India can: 

  • Securely buy and exchange advanced resources in the wake of saving INR; 
  • Procure crypto awards by watching instructive recordings; 
  • Participate in marking coins; 
  • Store coins in chilly stockpiling with Coinbase vault; 
  • Rest more straightforward with various security elements and validation; 
  • Partake in a simple to-utilize stage on Coinbase India versatile application. 
Best Crypto Exchanges in India
Best Crypto Exchanges in India


CoinDCX is a versatile first, Indian cryptographic money trade and exchanging application situated in Singapore. CoinDCX professes to be the biggest and most secure digital currency trade in India, and is trusted by more than 4 million Indian clients. There are more than 500 crypto tokens to exchange on the application, and to get everything rolling is simple. The information exchange process is improved and requires a one-time secret key (OTP) to the clients versatile number and email address. CoinDCX places incredible accentuation on security – it is safeguarded by BitGo, all passwords and individual information is encoded, and 95% of all assets are put away in multi-sig cold wallets. CoinDCX are likewise supported by a portion of the top financial backers in the crypto space, like Coinbase Ventures, BainCapital Ventures, Polychain Capital and BitMex. 

CoinDCX clients in India can: 

  • Exchange utilizing a consistent, simple to-utilize and adaptable exchanging application; 
  • Exploit the quick and basic sign-up process (CoinDXC claims clients can begin putting resources into under 10 minutes); 
  • Be guaranteed that their assets are gotten and individual information are scrambled; 
  • Exchange spot, edge and prospects on more than 500 sets, with up to multiple times edge. 

Kraken India 

Kraken is a confided in U.S.- based trade that has empowered clients to put resources into crypto beginning around 2011. It is the third-biggest on the planet by exchanging volume and has a gigantic worldwide presence. Kraken has exclusive expectations for consumer loyalty and backing, so they offer every minute of every day help for financial backers. In any case, they have a lot more modest coin choice than Binance or WazirX (something like 50 coins like Coinbase). Kraken gives overall similar choices to exchanging yet adds a more significant level of safety, framework, and backing. 

Kraken clients in India can: 

  • Exchange by keeping INR fiat into secure records; 
  • Utilize very much planned outlining apparatuses; 
  • Access a client assistance network whenever; 
  • Exploit low exchanging expenses. 

Bitstamp India 

Bitstamp is one more settled worldwide trade that has been available to financial backers starting around 2011. They offer clients an instinctive interface with every one of the high level highlights that financial backers could have to execute complex exchanges. Their residency in the business has given them an opportunity to make benefits for clients like 98% disconnected stockpiling, upgraded information encryption and nonstop financial backer help. Bitstamp is additionally home to institutional financial backers hoping to exchange Bitcoin and put other computerized resources on their monetary records. 

Bitstamp clients in India can: 

  • Store reserves safely disconnected; 
  • Make quick exchanges on a stage with right around zero personal time; 
  • Exploit low level rate exchanging expenses on exchanges under 20,000 USD; 
  • Utilize very much planned applications for in a hurry exchanging. 

Bitfinex India 

Bitfinex is situated in Hong Kong and offers progressed dealers the apparatuses they should get to work exchanging Bitcoin or other crypto resources in India. The trade is custom-made to give a set-up of choices to crypto dealers to execute progressed algorithmic orders, redo exchanging graphs to accommodate their procedure and asset their records on edge. This stage will be appropriate to proficient brokers and firms searching for cutting edge crypto exchanging openings. 

Bitfinex clients in India can: 

  • Browse a set-up of cutting edge exchanging instruments; 
  • Make accounts as expert brokers; 
  • Execute some momentary exchanging systems; 
  • Trade computerized resources with negligible slippage. 

OKEx India 

OKEx is a crypto trade stage situated in Seychelles that offers subsidiaries and spot exchanging freedoms to clients. They offer more than 400 exchanging sets and have an immense global presence with more than 20 million dealers. The stage has adjustable choices for clients to suit their experience and inclination with the chance to just purchase and hold, or participate in exchanging Bitcoin or other crypto resources fates, choices and edge. OKEx additionally offers ways of procuring crypto and money projects with crypto-based advances. 

OKEx clients in India can: 

  • Pick different ways of contributing and procure with crypto; 
  • Money projects with crypto-based credits; 
  • Give their exchanging abilities a lift with OKEx Academy; 
  • Partake in crypto mining pools.