7 benefits of ink writing than typing

Paper writing improves the brain to function well and more when compared to reading. While writing it brain automatically connects to the words which are writing. Compared to reading, in the method of writing distraction from the outer atmosphere will be less and helps to concentrate more. Whereas, in this modern world of technology notes were taken through typing where, typing is the smart and fast to make a note. Where holding a pen and taking notes sharpens our brain. And the following points will give a clear idea why we should prefer to hold a pen.

 7 benefits of using an ink writing than typing:

  • An effective way to learn : 

Writing is the one of the best effective way to learn. While writing holding a pen it gives signals to activate RAS ( RETICULAR ACTIVATING SYSTEM ) in brain. It is also called as the filter of brain it helps you to focus on what topic you are much interested at. It is said that testing the kids to rewrite the words like atmosphere, aesthetic etc..   on paper which helps to sharpen their brain function.

  • Helps you to become a better writer : 

Many of the famous authors prefer to write only by tipping their ink on a paper. Though the technology is running faster the authors, novel writers make note only through ink. Writing was learnt by us at our minor age and it will be more habitual to do. It also helps to improve handwriting skills. Many of author pronounced like they use to write novels only through a pen and paper and by typing.

  • Avert from distractions :

If the work is done through typing a computer or a mobile is needed to do. Where it might seek your attention on different things like opening WhatsApp, Facebook etc. If we use the electronic devices it decrease your attention and it distracts you from the work you are doing. If you write through a pen or pencil it doesn’t distract you from all those stuffs.

  • Increases the brainpower :

Longhand is a workout for writing. Writing is not only a workout for wrist, also for brain. Even some physicians had claimed that writing helps to improve the memory skills. If we practice through writing it will be stored in our brain though we get elder.

  • Physical writing awakes your creativity :

The easy way to understand how writing versus typing increase memory ability. But how ? It helps to activate the neurons in the brain to overcome the tasks. Writing on a paper is a exercise for brain to think creatively. As writing takes little more time than typing brain functions extra time more than typing and increases the creativity level. As the saying “ old is gold “ following the old method of writing on paper is more useful than using the latest technology. 

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  • Improves learning comprehension :

As writing takes less time, within the time the mind filters information and helps to create the matter in the own way 

As taking notes through paper and pen when lectures takes class it builds our creativity to prepare notes in the manner which we like and which we are able to understand. 

  • Helps to remember things :

If we don’t want to forget anything or to remember things for a long period writing is more helpful. If we write it down on a paper we can able to remember it for long time as while writing brain function alerts to focus about what we are writing about it helps to recognize the thing which we want to remember at the time.

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