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Regulation of Contract Labour

Author: Shreya Wadhwa Law Graduate (Amity Law School, Noida) INTRODUCTION In present situation globalisation and liberalisation is making rapid strides at a very rapid rate and has led to changes in business environment, growth & profit oriented economics &this has led to a fierce competition among various industries grappling to survive. Top MNC’S all around

Houston Maritime Injury Attorneys

Houston marine Injury attorneys at The Zehl Law & Associates have successfully represented injured marine workers in the Gulf Coast region and the United States for more than two decades. We know the risks that offshore workers face every day while on the job site. We know the devastating impact maritime injuries can have on

Is Italy Green? An overall picture

The twelfth release of “GreenItaly” was introduced on 20 September , the report altered by the Symbola Foundation and Unioncamere, which gauges and gauges the strength of the public green economy. This is an especially anticipated release, since Italy is the principle beneficiary of the Recovery Plan assets and, additionally hence, is called to assume

High Court Video Conferencing Rules 2020

Hon’ble High Court of Delhi in exercise of power vested to it under Article 225 and 227 of Constitution of India has formulated the rules called as High Court of Delhi Rules For Video Conferencing For Courts 2020. Hearing through video conferencing, as per these rules, shall be applicable at all stages of proceedings. Thus,

Need of Public Trust doctrine in India

Author: Shefali Soni Ajeenkya DY Patil University, Pune Abstract The public trust doctrine is doctrine which arises duty of sovereign to protect the resources that are freely available in the environment for the public to protect it and to act as a watchdog of society and if any one uses that public resources privately then

Mutual Consent Divorce – Step By Step Procedure

By Advocate Shefali Gupta Shefali Gupta has been practicing before the Delhi High Court and District Courts and Tribunals in Delhi NCR. She has dealt with cases involving various areas of law including Matrimonial laws, Arbitration – Mediation, Land, and Criminal laws. How to file for Divorce by Mutual Consent? As per Hindu Marriage Act,

Work Profile and Payscale of Banking Lawyers

Basic role of Baking Lawyer  The most lucrative and primary work in banking practice is negotiating loan agreements, which is comparable to negotiating investment or acquisition agreements, except that banking team deals not with equity but debt. Making sure compliance with rules and regulations of the regulator that is., RBI. Making legal documents needed for

Crime against Women : Legislative and Judicial approach

Author: Saumya Baranwal Amity law school, Noida INTRODUCTION The term CRIME AGAINST WOMEN has been used to describe a wide range of acts, including murder, rape, and sexual assault, physical assault, emotional abuse, battering, stalking, prostitution, genital mutilation, sexual harassment and pornography. There is little consensus in the still evolving field on exactly how to

Revenue Court (Farmers and Law)

Author: Anirudh Singh Raghav Manipal University Jaipur    Revenue Court (Farmers and Law) In Section 256 of the Land Revenue Act, various provisions have been made for the recovery of land revenue or arrears in the form of Revenue Act or Rajasthan Public Money Recovery Act [ Land Revenue Act or Public Demands Recovery Act]. Under

Scars from the past: Endosulfan still a haunting story

Author – Gautam Yadav Manipal University Jaipur With the slow pace of phasing out endosulfan from India, did we learn anything at all from Kasargod tragedy? In the age of globalisation and soaring consumerism, industries have to match up with increased demands by increasing the production rates. Agriculture industry carries a huge burden of this


Author: Chetna Singhal Symbiosis Law School, Noida   The Supreme Court has been on a roll recently, something that has been highly appreciated by both the Society and media in India as well as abroad.  From the Sabrimala Judgement to the judgement on Section 377 and now Section 497, the Supreme Court has impressed upon the

Kashmir Conflict

Author: Jasbeer Singh Nanda  Symbiosis Law School, Noida KASHMIR CONFLICT – WHO IS RIGHT, INDIA OR PAKISTAN? In Kashmir second heaven on earth was sold by the Britisher to Raja Gulab Singh of Jammu in 1846 then from him to India in the garb of the Treaty of Annexure in 1947. The issue is not

The Art of Advocacy

Co-Authors:-  Bhawani Shankar & Rahul Vishnoi Manipal University Jaipur  (B.A LL.B Hons) The profession of an advocate is one which if done sincerely can garner tremendous fruits both in regard to personal development and as well as for the development of the society. Notwithstanding any opinions, advocacy is still regarded as a noble profession; the

Inchoate Offences

Authored By: Jaspreet Kaur Grewal B.A.LL.B   |   LL.M   |   NTA UGC NET CONCEPT OF INCHOATE OFFENCES Inchoate has come from the latin word –‘Inchoare’ means begun. It literally means undeveloped or unfinished. Inchoate offence means the step towards the commission of an act. It simply means the offences which are incomplete. It signifies the acts which

3 of the Most Common Questions about Trademarks

Understanding trademark law can be confusing. Trade Mark registration and enforcement is governed by the Trade Marks Act 1995 in Australia.  We’ve broken down three questions that trademark attorney Jacqui Pryor commonly get from clients to help you understand the small print. What can I trademark? Think of a trademark as a sign. You use

How Can AI Improve Contract Management

How Can AI Improve Contract Management Artificial intelligence (AI) is finding a home in many businesses and industries around the world. A plethora of new applications are appearing in commercial, marketing, and government entities. The explosive growth is linked to the growth and accessibility of vast computing power. AI contract management is one of the

Role of International Law in Protection of Children Against Child Pornography

AUTHORS: AASHNA ARORA & AKSHAY NAIR AMITY LAW SCHOOL, NOIDA LEGISLATIVE AND INSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORK FOR PROTECTION OF CHILDREN Being exposed to a world dominated by global technological advancements, children have always been on the receiving end of its negative impact. These rampant advancements have led to a rise in the criminal activities in the cyberspace.

Law or Outer Space

AUTHORED BY: SPARSH JUNEJA  AMITY LAW SCHOOL NOIDA Space Law Laws of space are produced beneath sponsorship of the United Nations. Notwithstanding affirmed the global apparatuses, plentiful cities have general depiction overseeing universe related movements. Universal law can be portrayed as the group of legal administration space-related activities. Law of universe, much like general worldwide rules

Juvenile Justice Act: A Study

Author: Shrey Arora Juvenile Justice Act: A Study Juvenile crime is not a born in the boy inherently, but it is largely due to either the spirit of adventure that belongs to him, his own ignorance, or his lack of discipline, depending on the nature of the individual.-Robert Baden-Powell. The children are not only gifts


Author: Shrey Khandelwal Manipal University Jaipur DOES THIS ERA NEED MOB LYNCHING LAW? The word mob is derived from ‘Mobster’ or ‘Mafia’ which means large number of people. The word lynching is derived or originated after the name of Captain William Lynch, during the American revolution in late 17th century. MEANING OF MOB: As per

Cyber Terrorism: A Study

Author: Utkarsh Shara Co-Author: Kartik Srivastava Manipal University Jaipur Cyber Terrorism: A Study The cyber threat is not only a problem in India instead it is a global issue that is growing rapidly. With the increase in technology and use of internet sensitive data which had been stored by individuals, financial, government, military, and private

Triple Talaq – Counter Perspective

Author: Diya Purohit Co-Author: Nirbhay Singh Bhadouriya Institute: Manipal University Jaipur TRIPLE TALAQ – COUNTER PERSPECTIVE Human rights in general are equated with more freedom and progress. It is important to note, however, that granting rights does not always lead to liberation. The main reason behind this exclusionary nature of human rights is the universal