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The Art of Advocacy

Co-Authors:-  Bhawani Shankar & Rahul Vishnoi Manipal University Jaipur  (B.A LL.B Hons) The profession of an advocate is one which if done sincerely can garner tremendous fruits both in regard to personal development and as well as for the development of the society. Notwithstanding any opinions, advocacy is still regarded as a noble profession; the

Inchoate Offences

Authored By: Jaspreet Kaur Grewal B.A.LL.B   |   LL.M   |   NTA UGC NET CONCEPT OF INCHOATE OFFENCES Inchoate has come from the latin word –‘Inchoare’ means begun. It literally means undeveloped or unfinished. Inchoate offence means the step towards the commission of an act. It simply means the offences which are incomplete. It signifies the acts which

3 of the Most Common Questions about Trademarks

Understanding trademark law can be confusing. Trade Mark registration and enforcement is governed by the Trade Marks Act 1995 in Australia.  We’ve broken down three questions that trademark attorney Jacqui Pryor commonly get from clients to help you understand the small print. What can I trademark? Think of a trademark as a sign. You use

How Can AI Improve Contract Management

How Can AI Improve Contract Management Artificial intelligence (AI) is finding a home in many businesses and industries around the world. A plethora of new applications are appearing in commercial, marketing, and government entities. The explosive growth is linked to the growth and accessibility of vast computing power. AI contract management is one of the

Role of International Law in Protection of Children Against Child Pornography

AUTHORS: AASHNA ARORA & AKSHAY NAIR AMITY LAW SCHOOL, NOIDA LEGISLATIVE AND INSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORK FOR PROTECTION OF CHILDREN Being exposed to a world dominated by global technological advancements, children have always been on the receiving end of its negative impact. These rampant advancements have led to a rise in the criminal activities in the cyberspace.

Law or Outer Space

AUTHORED BY: SPARSH JUNEJA  AMITY LAW SCHOOL NOIDA Space Law Laws of space are produced beneath sponsorship of the United Nations. Notwithstanding affirmed the global apparatuses, plentiful cities have general depiction overseeing universe related movements. Universal law can be portrayed as the group of legal administration space-related activities. Law of universe, much like general worldwide rules

Juvenile Justice Act: A Study

Author: Shrey Arora Juvenile Justice Act: A Study Juvenile crime is not a born in the boy inherently, but it is largely due to either the spirit of adventure that belongs to him, his own ignorance, or his lack of discipline, depending on the nature of the individual.-Robert Baden-Powell. The children are not only gifts


Author: Shrey Khandelwal Manipal University Jaipur DOES THIS ERA NEED MOB LYNCHING LAW? The word mob is derived from ‘Mobster’ or ‘Mafia’ which means large number of people. The word lynching is derived or originated after the name of Captain William Lynch, during the American revolution in late 17th century. MEANING OF MOB: As per

Cyber Terrorism: A Study

Author: Utkarsh Shara Co-Author: Kartik Srivastava Manipal University Jaipur Cyber Terrorism: A Study The cyber threat is not only a problem in India instead it is a global issue that is growing rapidly. With the increase in technology and use of internet sensitive data which had been stored by individuals, financial, government, military, and private

Triple Talaq – Counter Perspective

Author: Diya Purohit Co-Author: Nirbhay Singh Bhadouriya Institute: Manipal University Jaipur TRIPLE TALAQ – COUNTER PERSPECTIVE Human rights in general are equated with more freedom and progress. It is important to note, however, that granting rights does not always lead to liberation. The main reason behind this exclusionary nature of human rights is the universal

Should India have a Uniform Civil Code?

Author – Neha Maheshwari Manipal University Jaipur UNIFORM CIVIL CODE As stated, “The State shall endeavor to secure a Uniform Civil Code across India’s territory for citizens.” Such words describe our constitution’s entire sanctity under Article 44. Uniform Civil Code is established under the direct policies of the State in accordance with Article 44 of

Challenges of Resolution Professional

AUTHOR- SHIVANI UPPAL AMITY LAW SCHOOL NOIDA   PREPARING INFORMATION MEMORANDUM & OTHER CHALLENGES ENCOUNTERED BY INSOLVENCY PROFESSIONAL Overview of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016- Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code comes into existence on December 31st, 2016. Insolvency and Bankruptcy code is regarded one of the most significant laws of the Modi Government. It was introduced

An Introspection of Article 370

Author: Reshna Suresh Co-Author: Vishwas Raj Manipal University Jaipur (LLB) An Introspection of Article 370 abstract The paper Discusses Article 370 of the Indian Constitution,Verdict on repealing article 370, the immediate cause for the heating up of this conflict this year, its social background and consequences.The paper focuses on the legal aspect of the issue and

Marriage gives no right to rape

Author – Hardik Singh Nathawat Manipal University Jaipur ABSTRACT What is marital rape? It is the act of sexual intercourse with one’s spouse without the spouse’s consent. It is a form of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Although, historically, sexual intercourse within marriage was regarded as a right of spouses, engaging in the act without

Criminalization of Pornography

Author – Surbhi Mathur Manipal University Jaipur Criminalization of Pornography The word “pornography” comes from the Greek “pornographos” literally meaning writing about prostitutes.[1] One of the commonly accepted definitions of pornography from Oxford Dictionary is “Printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate sexual excitement.” There

Marital Rape: An Unrevised Concept

Author – Anant Maheshwari Co-Author –Surbhi Mathur Manipal University Jaipur Marital Rape: An Unrevised Concept The current paper represents a comprehensive review on an unrevised concept on Marital Rape. This concept is not very known in society therefore our main aim behind writing this is to familiarize them from this concept. We mainly focus on

Digital Platform, Intermediary and Copyright

Author: Umang Kathuria Institute: Amity Law School, Noida DIGITAL PLATFORM, INTERMEDIARY AND COPYRIGHT The digital platform is leading the world into easy way of task management and leisure. It is said to be mankind’s greatest achievement since civilized living. Digital platform has made work easy in every way whereas it has led to exploitation in many

Human Rights


ADR : A boon to achieve speedy justice

AUTHORED BY: NIMISHA AGRAWAL MANIPAL UNIVERSITY JAIPUR The concept of justice delivery system has recently undergone a sea-change to cope up with the demands of the society. One of the aims of our Constitution is to provide justice at the door-step and that too, within a permissible time-frame. The term Alternative Dispute Resolution refers to

Workplace has no gender

AUTHORED BY: AAKANSHA LATALA MANIPAL UNIVERSITY JAIPUR “A gender-equal society would be one where the word ‘gender‘ does not exist: where everyone can be themselves.”   – # ME TOO Workplace has no gender   The state of women in India has undergone a considerable change since the past there is a lot more development yet to take

Classification of Administrative Functions as purely Legislative, Administrative and Judicial

Author – Megha Pandey Co-Author – Harsha Tiwari Amity Law School Noida Classification of Administrative Functions as purely Legislative, Administrative and Judicial Administrative action is a comprehensive term and defies exact definition. In modern times the administrative process as a byproduct of intensive form of government cuts across the traditional classification of governmental powers and

Women’s Rights and Violence Against Women

AUTHORED BY: Jyotsna Bhardwaj LC-1, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi WOMEN’S RIGHTS AND VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN This Article talks about Women’s Rights & Violence against them. It talks about how the situation of women is changing from time to time. This Article is divided into three parts. In the first part there is a brief


AUTHORED BY: SANAH SETHI AMITY LAW SCHOOL, NOIDA EXTERNAL AIDS TO INTERPRETATION   Dictionaries- Dictionary use/reference is of great importance and immense value in interpretation of a statute. Where a word or an expression used in a statute cannot be understood in common parlance, the courts, while interpreting the statute may resort to refer dictionaries for

Internal aids to interpretation

AUTHORED BY: SANAH SETHI AMITY LAW SCHOOL, NOIDA Internal aids to interpretation The expression ‘Aids’ means instruments or tools of assistance to carry out a particular thing done or an activity performed or obtained or explained. As far as the construction or interpretation of statutes is concerned, aid help or assist in explaining the meaning of